Star Citizen – Update 1.1.2 Now Live

star-citizen-cloud-imperium-games-RSI-patch-1.1.2-flight-basic-training-tutorial-arena-commanderThe hardworking devs over at Cloud Imperium Games have released update 1.1.2 for the massively popular Star Citizen. Today’s update includes a lot of changes to many of the .pak files, so the download will be big – 20.8GB big. You can check out the full patch notes at the end of the post, but the most important, or at least the most critical, updates are as follows:

  • Added the Flight Tutorial “Basic Training” inside Arena Commander
  • Added a conversation system that allows NPCs to detect a character’s location and initiate dialogue
  • Multiplayer Free Flight public lobby party limit increased to 8
  • Capped party size to 4 players for public games aside from Murray Cup Racing
  • Implemented UI messages explaining reasons a player may have been kicked back to the hangar (we’ll continue to work on language)

Star Citizen Basic Training – Arena Commander

As with any large update, there are still a few bugs, the most problematic being the common “Rubber Banding/Teleporting/Client freezing” problems.

Key Known Issues:

  • Rubber Banding/Teleporting/Client Freezing (More info, here)
  • Characters will sometimes spawn as a pair of eyes
  • Client crash when exiting the game
  • Ship components and ammunition can go missing when using the holotable. Deleting the username_inventory.xml file will help fix this.
  • Killing a Cutlass will sometimes not award kill credit on the scoreboard

Full Patch Notes


  • Added a flight tutorial to the game
  • Added a conversation system that allows NPCs to detect a character’s location and initiate dialogue
  • Added backend functionality for game events to disable and enable specific ship controls and ship systems
  • Added an in-hangar flight system for usage in the tutorial
  • Multiplayer Free Flight public lobby party limit increased to 8
  • Added reminder hints to assist players that get stuck in the tutorial
  • Added mission objectives to Chapter 6 of the tutorial


  • Added animation to the thruster irises on the Cutlass
  • Added audio for getting into the cockpit of the Redeemer
  • Added dust effects for when thrusters are being used inside of the hangar

User Interface

  • Added screen effects for tutorial Hint Nodes
  • Added icons and images for the tutorial hints
  • Added images for tutorial mode select
  • Added visual shader in holotable to identify what items were purchased through REC
  • Implemented UI messages explaining reasons a player may have been kicked back to the hangar
  • Upon death, a notification will appear stating who killed you and with what weapon


  • Added open and close animations and audio for the Asteroid hangar doors in the tutorial
  • Added animating time-out meter in Capture the Core
  • Added new hangar flair Khartu-Al miniature



  • Capped party size to 4 players for public games aside from Murray Cup Racing
  • Multi-crew functionality – passengers are killed when the pilot dies or disconnects to prevent characters from getting stuck
  • Updated finding a public match so the server now finds the best fit rather than stopping at the first match it finds
  • Increased REC payout for all game modes except racing
  • Changed button to close hints in the tutorial to ‘Spacebar’ on the keyboard and to the ‘Back’ button on the game pad
  • Scaled ship strafe speed while near landing platforms
  • Updated multiple dialogue lines in the tutorial
  • Improved tutorial logic for detecting which controller type a player is using
  • Increased flare count to 50 in the tutorial
  • Improved tutorial loading times


  • Toned down Field of View, Speed, and Turning Speed of Tempest missiles
  • Chaff is now more effective against Tempest and Stalker missiles

User Interface

  • Tweaked lobby UI screen transparency, making the hangar less visible through the UI



  • Fixed radar / landing system not working when a copilot enters the ship before a pilot
  • Fixed an issue that would cause the character to automatically interact with some objects after having left the sim pod
  • Fixed an issue where the player would lose connection when exiting the holotable and become stuck on an infinite loading screen
  • Fixed an issue reported during the Public Stress Test’s where some members would get an “ERROR – Disconnection (Code 17) Unlocalized Error” at the end of a match
  • Fixed an animation issue when the player is sprinting
  • Fixed an issue where players could enter each other’s ship while in flight
  • Fixed an issue where decoupled mode was sometimes not disabled when taking off from a landing pad
  • Fixed an issue when respawning, the ship had a chance to turn either left or right
  • Fixed an issue where players could not respawn if another player had left the gamemode (PTU)
  • In the tutorial, player missiles now replenish after being fired to fix an issue where players could not progress if the missile missed (PTU)
  • Fixed an issue where turret gunners were not able to see weapon trails for shots fired by their pilot
  • Fixed crash that occurred when backing out from a server to the hangar
  • Fixed an issue in Chapter 4 of the tutorial where the now inaccessible landing pads in the hangar were showing as active. (PTU)
  • Fixed an issue in Chapter 5 of the tutorial where Gilly skipped a line referring to Boost if you progressed through the previous chapters. (PTU)
  • Fixed an issue in the tutorial where the player could be killed after receiving enough direct shots to the cockpit (PTU)
  • Fix for auto-landing the ship entering decoupled mode, but not setting it back when taking off again
  • Fixed long load time caused by the conversation system in the tutorial (PTU)
  • Fixed switch used to throttle not working for the Logitech Extreme 3D Pro (PTU)
  • Fixed several instances where the tutorial could be progressed out of order (PTU)
  • Fixed an issue where Automatic landing attempted to land the ship even if the player is beneath the landing zone (PTU)
  • Fixed an issue where doing a barrel roll while turning did not count towards Chapter 2 tutorial progression (PTU)
  • Fixed an issue where the [Back] button could not be used on the Xbox controller in the tutorial (PTU)
  • Fixed a crash that occurred if the player flew out of the tutorial boundary whilst interacting with their ship menu (PTU)
  • Fixed an issue where the respawn HUD would sometimes not appear after player death (PTU)
  • Fix for the pilot occasionally loading into Arena Commander game modes with UI, but no helmet (PTU)
  • Fixed an issue where the first person to load into a race game mode will spawn outside of the starting tunnel (PTU)
  • Fixed ship strafe speed not scaling when strafing upward during initial takeoff
  • Fixed a pathing issue that was causing missiles to skip when following their target


  • Fixed ‘launched complete’ dialogue issue with the 300 series
  • Fix for the 300i’s ladder causing the ship to wobble once landed
  • Fixed an issue where the 300i did not have boost VFX for its main thrusters
  • Fixed an issue where the 315p’s main thruster effect was slightly off center
  • Fixed missing power throttle art in Aurora’s power management ship HUD
  • Fixed the issue where the Aurora LN lost its wing hardpoints
  • Fixed Aurora LN wing Hardpoints to accept size 1 weapons again (PTU)
  • Fixed an issue where shooting the Gladiator with the pistol caused the hull skin to transition to its fully damaged state (PTU)
  • Fixed the ability to equip Scorpions on the Gladius wing hardpoints
  • Fixed height of Super Hornet F7C-M’s starboard side landing gear to be flush with front landing gear
  • Fixed an issue where the M50 was sometimes too drifty (PTU)
  • Fixed the M50’s starboard wheel from briefly detaching itself from its strut when being deployed during landing
  • Fixed an issue where the M50’s ship exterior appeared faded/washed out in the hangar (PTU)
  • Fixed an animation issue where the player would often clip through the ship when exiting a Mustang
  • Fixed a collision issue preventing the player character from entering the Cutlass from the rear
  • Fixed an issue where the player would be sunken into the pilot seat of the Freelancer Max
  • Fixed missing collision from the Redeemer’s turret seat
  • Fixed incorrectly positioned decals on the landing gear of the Retaliator


  • Fixed missing muzzle flash from 9-series Longsword
  • Fixed an issue where missile racks were not appearing in the holotable when an Aurora was selected

User Interface

  • Updated default gamepad controller image – strafe forward is now on Left Trigger+Right Bumper (LT+RB) and strafe back on Left Trigger+Left Bumper (LT+LB)
  • Fix for not being able to cancel a lobby match search
  • Fixed an issue where loading back into a lobby would reset the ship selection to its default
  • Fixed ‘Launched Missile’ hint continuously appearing (PTU)
  • Fixed UI objective marker not appearing to help guide players through the tutorial (PTU)
  • Fixed an issue where all contacts would appear as online (PTU)
  • Fixed multiple text typos in all chapters of the tutorial (PTU)
  • Fixed an issue where the Contact List was cut off in any 4:3 or 5:4 aspect resolution (PTU)
  • Fixed an issue where control settings could not be exported until keybindings were reset to default (PTU)
  • Fix for multiple HUD elements being duplicated in Arena Commander (PTU)
  • Fix for error messages for getting kicked back to hangar not being intuitive (PTU)


  • Fixed an issue that was causing small asteroids to have metallic audio when shot
  • Fixed an issue where both rings in Capture the Core appeared blue
  • Fixed an issue where tutorial hanger was present in Dying Star Multiplayer Free Flight
  • Fixed an issue with missing collision on space debris in Broken Moon
  • Fixed Murray Cup poster not appearing in Asteroid hangar
  • Left and right side bay rock walls are missing in Asteroid hangar (PTU)
  • Fixed missing collision on the second floor ledge in Revel & York (PTU)
  • Fixed graphical issues with catwalks in the Self Land hangar
  • Fix for calendar flair screen being completely transparent (PTU)
  • Updated blue transparency of ship holograms in the holotable (PTU)
  • Fixed an issues where lights in Chapter 1 of the tutorial were missing textures and appeared solid white (PTU)



  • Gameplay divergence can cause situations where it appears like a ship is being hit but not taking damage, when the shots are actually missing the ship
  • Weapon trail trajectories are inconsistent for targets that aren’t being looked at resulting in game divergence
  • Weapons fire can appear offset from weapon muzzle when fired while moving
    Combustion Pistol cannot be equipped
  • Entering or exiting a ship will cause other clients to see the character T-pose
  • Characters rolling while prone are not seen by other clients
  • Characters will sometimes fail to animate correctly when exiting the pilot seat after landing
  • Character will occasionally spawn in as a pair of eyes
  • Client crash may occur when pressing ‘x’ to respawn after the pilot is killed by flying into an asteroid
  • Interacting with various elements of a lobby has a chance of causing a client crash for invited players
  • Unable to exit the cockpit if one of a ship’s landing gear is missing
  • Inverted controls do not work in default turret camera view
  • Character will sometimes not have a head when viewed by other clients
  • If two players enter a new public instance as a team for Capture the Core or Squadron ** ** Battle, they will be put on opposing teams
  • In the tutorial, there is a chance that the fail dialogue may not play or will cancel out for another line
  • In the tutorial, the player can get stuck inside Gilly’s cockpit by sitting in the cockpit whilst Gilly is climbing in
  • Tutorial hints will sometimes show tips for the wrong controller type
  • The character’s hands will be broken when driving the buggy
  • Ships will sometimes sink into landing platforms in Multiplayer Free Flight when using automatic landing
  • Landing mode gimbal locks weapons to the direction the Look Reticle was pointing when landing mode was activated; deactivating Landing Mode will correct them
  • The character is using the running animation instead of the floating Zero-G animation when a pistol is equipped
  • Landing on the landing pad using Assisted landing will launch the player forward as soon as the landing gear hits the landing pad
  • Occasionally the player will hear a banging in the ship whilst flying, whilst in third person view graphical glitches appear to the source
  • Stretched polygons will sometimes occur in Dying Star after a short time in the map – possibly related to having an AMD CPU & GPU
  • Client crash occurs when exiting the client
  • When strafing up to take off from a landing platform, ships will sometimes roll to the left or right as they strafe upwards
  • There is sometimes a second or two pause when a ship is destroyed and/or respawns
  • Ships will sometimes begin to teleport after a spawn pause
  • The pilot’s helmet will constantly shake in the tutorial


  • All ships aside from the Hornet are missing ship trails when carrying a Core
  • Occasionally when exiting a ship, the ship will lose its collision.
  • Weapons impacting shields are playing incorrect impact audio
  • 300i, Avenger, and Hornet will sometimes tilt back when landing on landing platforms
    300i, Hornet, M50, and Cutlass main thrusters are not animating during flight
  • HUD colors are inconsistent for the Avenger, Gladiator, all Hornet variants, and the Cutlass
  • 300 variants (except the 350r) have three engine / thruster hardpoints, letting the player move the engine off center or attach three engines
  • Aurora intakes aren’t displaying paint
  • Equipping Longswords on an Aurora’s bottom hardpoints will cause the ship to wobble once landed due to excess collision on the weapons
  • Avenger has some doors that cannot be opened in Multiplayer
  • Avenger pilot seat is missing its texture
  • Avenger nose jerks downward after releasing Strafe Up while boosting
  • Look Reticle/Crosshair is sometimes missing upon respawn, cycling camera views will usually correct this
  • Gladius damage states are detaching clean sections of the ship rather than showing damaged innards
  • When entering the Gladius from a landing zone the user will hear “Landing request approved / complete”
  • All Hornets are missing a pipe on the main thruster
  • All Hornets’ engine audio (boost and non-boost) is very low
  • The Hornet Ghost and Hornet Tracker’s top hardpoint turret is missing in the holotable
  • Character will sometimes spawn in standing in a Mustang variant’s cockpit
  • If the large engines on the Cutlass are removed on the holotable, they cannot be reattached
  • Cutlass isn’t attaching its Trireme thrusters for its default loadout
  • Cutlass Trireme thrusters are not able to be attached in the holotable
  • Cockpit of Cutlass accelerates at very high speed when separated from cargo bay
  • Character is sunk into the seat when sitting in the Cutlass Blue and Red
  • Cutlass Blue’s top turret is missing
  • Killing a Cutlass will sometimes not award kill credit on the scoreboard
  • Freelancer loading ramp has no collision
  • Freelancer main thrusters are missing
  • Character can get stuck inside a Freelancer’s hull above its right landing gear
  • Multiple objects in the Retaliator are missing use prompts
  • Retaliator maneuvering thrusters are not in landing mode when in the hangar


  • User folder issues can cause weapon ammunition to go missing as well as other ship component malfunctions
  • Rattler Cluster missile second stage rockets will all use the same trajectory
  • Missiles aren’t inheriting velocity from the ship that launches them
  • Thrusters cannot be deactivated in power management
  • Seal Corporation shield generators will not be visible when equipped to Hornets
  • Missiles cannot be seen by the player that fired them when moving at a high speed
  • Missiles visually lag behind where they are located until they detonate

User Interface

  • Lag pips will drop out with increased distance depending on how quickly a ship is approaching their target (only happens within a few hundred meters)
  • Shield hardpoint in the holotable is too small for Mustangs and 300 series
  • Missiles have a small portion of the ship targeting UI on them after being launched
  • Paint objects in the holotable are placeholders
  • Holding tab while ship’s HUD initializes causes the HUD’s score screen to default ‘On’
  • Multiple HUD elements are duplicated in Arena Commander


  • Thorshu Grey space crab does not have animation
  • Red Elevator lights are active when elevator is not in use in the Self Land hangar
  • Clouds are popping in and out during race modes
  • There are several locations in the hangars where the character could fall out of the game world

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