Wings Over Flanders Fields – Expansion 3

Wings-Over-Flanders-Fields-WOFF-Expansion-3-UpdateOBD Software, known for their work on Wings Over Flanders Fields, released a third Expansion for the popular flight combat sim this week. This latest content release includes: New Aircraft and Damage models, New Shader and Lighting Effects, New Music, Campaign Changes, as well as numerous additions and tweaks to the game’s mechanics.

Aircraft Additions

Fokker D.III twin gun, which featured the Oberursel U.III 14-cylinder, two-row rotary engine as seen in the Eindecker E.IV.

The Fokker Eindecker fighters are of German origin and first took flight in mid-1915. Utilizing the first synchronization gear, the ability to fire through the propeller arc gave the fighter a decided edge over early Allied aircraft. WOFF’s version of the Fokker is modeled after the E.IV, which served as the final variant of the early Eindeckers.

deHavilland D.H.4   2 seater.  Work horse and superb aircraft, used by many squadrons.

Designed by Geoffrey de Havilland, the Airco DH.4 is a biplane bomber of British origin first used in mid-1916. By the end of 1917 most frontline DH.4’s were fitted with Eagle VIII engines which increased the original’s horsepower from 250 to 375. However, due to an engine shortage, the Rolls-Royce Eagles were in short supply during the war. Often thought of as the best single-engine bomber in World War I, the DH.4’s speed and altitude ability directly countered German fighter interception.

Sopwith Camel 150HP Bentley engine version. More powerful performance helped the Camel compete with the new Fokker DVII aircraft.

Another British biplane fighter, the Sopwith Camel saw most of its usage between 1917 and 1920. Requiring a more experienced pilot, the maneuverability and twin synchronized machine guns made the Sopwith Camel an incredibly deadly fighter. The WOFF version is modeled after the 2F.1 and uses a Bentley BR1 engine.

Wings-Over-Flanders-Fields-WOFF-Expansion-3-Update-10Aircraft Damage

  • Visible cockpit damage and bullet hits when pilot area is hit.  Oil on windscreen from engine and oil tank damage.  Cracked glass effects on windscreens and instrument dials where applicable.  This new damage system has been implemented across all 76+ aircraft!
  • External oil leaks on some aircraft
  • New bullet hit textures that now show on high resolution aircraft textures!  Both are now indepenently selectable in workshops.
  • Slumped dead Pilots models and dead Observers, added to all aircraft in external views.
  • New Cockpit damage sounds, for example wind whistling through holes you may acquire in various places

Direct X Shader Lighting

  • New world cube map reflections – blue sky and ground and grass will now reflect and tone the aircraft to add realism, shiny cowls will reflect more realistically and so on.  Also user configurable in the workshops in WOFF 3!
  • New correct working 3D Aldis sights on applicable craft
  • Sea reflection improved.
  • Lights (Vehicle Headlamps and Tailamps, Search Lights, Airfield Lights, and Drum Lights) now switch on and off at sunset and sunrise dynamically whilst in runtime as ‘time of day’ dictates. So when you come back to land, your field can be lit with burning oil drums and lights.Wings-Over-Flanders-Fields-WOFF-Expansion-3-Update-3
  • Real runtime ‘time of day’ lighting on effects – smoke and dust is now dark at night for example.
  • More lights added to the simulator engine, so more can be seen than ever before.
  • Increased placement and use of ‘night lights’ throughout theatre.

Campaign Features

  • Built-in feature to use only Top Aces (approx 50) in campaign to allow more AI squad pilots in each squad. This allows you to see them flourish or persish – more immersion.
  • When creating a new pilot the player can opt to be a “novice” or “veteran” so when using auto pilot the AI will fly accordingly.
  • Recce flights will now be normally a complement of two or 3 pilots.
  • General Adjustments to 2 seater flight complements to more accurately reflect numbers actually used.
  • New AI options in Workshop.
  • Player squadron compliment changes over time now as it did historically.
  •  Increased flight complements for 1917 and 1918.
  • New campaign immersion feature:  On manual time advance selection, going on leave, and returning from captivity or hospitalisation – the days are processed with simulated activity (based on squadron ratings etc) to affect AI pilots in terms of death, wounded, mission counts and flying hours.
  • Implemented the option of Incendiary Rounds or Normal Rounds in Campaign Loadout Configuration screen – this affects all craft in game!.
  • Player can now manipulate the time of the mission in the main campaign screen to a certain degree
  • QC mission : Player Landing option is now selectable in Combat Flight mode
  • Many detailed historically researched US 2 seater squadrons – for the first time in WOFF fly 2 seater US campaigns! (and drop the new 230LB bombs!)
  • French Squads increased from 80 to 123 historically accurate squads.
  • New British squadrons added.
  • AI Pilots number of missions flown and flying hours when starting out are now a function of the squadron rating – better squads start out with more seasoned pilots.
  • AI Pilots number of missions flown and flying hours when replacing killed pilots or pilots transferring in, during squadron operations, are now a function of the squadron rating – better squads receive more seasoned pilots
  • Player ‘Never Dies tick boxes’ in QC, Scenarios and Campaign now synced to workshops setting ‘easy never dies’Wings-Over-Flanders-Fields-WOFF-Expansion-3-Update-13
  • Mission type and target is retained if player goes back to main campaign room from briefing room without flying the mission. Note: does not apply to dual role squads or heavy bomber squads
  • Theatre now populated with more French aerodromes in 1916, 1917 and 1918
  •  Improvements to the skin allocations system – QC1 aircraft now used with its default skin for overused squadron assigned craft types
  • Gotha skins added in and the camo types now used in 1918

Finally, Expansion 3 features new music by long time creator, Matt Milne, more than 60 DH4 squadron and historical skins, more aggressive pilots, more visible pilot information, and additional campaign options.

As you can see, Expansion 3 has plenty to offer new and old players alike. The additional environmental and shader effects, in particular, make the aging game look a good deal better than previous incarnations.

Have you tried out the newest WOFF expansion? Gives us your thoughts over at the SimHQ Forums!

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M14-V26 Radial engine picture

M14-V26 Radial engine


Turbine jet engine Solar MEP4048/ T62T32 picture

Turbine jet engine Solar MEP4048/ T62T32


Rotax  aircraft engine  Rebuilt O time  ready to install , warranty picture

Rotax aircraft engine Rebuilt O time ready to install , warranty


Lycoming O-435-4 with Stand Complete 6 Cylinder Airplane Engine picture

Lycoming O-435-4 with Stand Complete 6 Cylinder Airplane Engine


rotax 447 engine pull start ski doo ultralight picture

rotax 447 engine pull start ski doo ultralight


jacobs R755 radial engine Parts picture

jacobs R755 radial engine Parts


Jet Challenger 1982 CL 600 2 Jet Engines Turbine LF03111S LF03153S / ALF502L-2C picture

Jet Challenger 1982 CL 600 2 Jet Engines Turbine LF03111S LF03153S / ALF502L-2C


Lycoming O-320-E2D Cessna 172  picture

Lycoming O-320-E2D Cessna 172


BOEING  727/MD-80 JT8D Turbine Jet Engine Burner Can aircraft Combustion Chamber picture

BOEING 727/MD-80 JT8D Turbine Jet Engine Burner Can aircraft Combustion Chamber


Ercoupe Continental C-85 picture

Ercoupe Continental C-85


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