Cessna 172 Fast Back Sunforger cabin and Windshield Cover (with no rear window) For Sale

Cessna  172 Fast Back Sunforger cabin and Windshield Cover (with no rear window)

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Cessna 172 Fast Back Sunforger cabin and Windshield Cover (with no rear window):


Made here in the USA

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Made By Macs Airplane Covers

How to measure for antenna and tedmp probe

Material:SunforgerMarine Canvas Fabric
Color: Beige in color. Picturesmay not reflect actual color. Covers of color reflect otheroptions available.

Aircraft: Cover Fits:Cessna 172with no rear window

Special Features:

Windshield Matrix lining.
2- straps with quick release fasteners for a secure hold. Double sewn seams.
UV resistant Polymatic thread.
Velcro door enclosures with 4- 1 " security straps.
Covers goes over the top of the cabin to prevent cabin leaks.Properties: Highly water, mildew andUV resistance.

Weight: Approximately 8-9 pounds

Shipping: Orders will be shipped within 10-14 businessdays with US Postal Service Priority mail or UPS that includes deliveryconfirmation.

Customer Services

Antenna Modification at no extra Charge

Modification form & Self Helpinstructional video available from Macs airplane covers. (we can email you theform or you can download the form and view the instructional video)3 Year Pro Rated Warranty

We offer tail # embroidering for anadditional charge

All sales are final sales.Please contact seller for any questions concerning this product before offerding.Cover will be shipped within10-14 business days after payment isreceived. To Save Even More, Ask Us About Our Discounted Fabric Covers!

Salesto customers outside the United States: Customers are responsible for allcustom fees, taxes etc. Please understand and review your countries policiesand fees.

Warranty -We stand behind our windshield covers with a 2 year(Sunforger) 3 year (Sunbrella, Weathermax, Surelast) warranty for defects inworkmanship or product failure under normal conditions. You have a 7 dayinspection period from the arrival of said product to notify and paid postage returnproduct for warranty issues. If for any reason after the 7 day inspection periodand your cover needs corrective adjustments or repairs, if in the lower 48states please ship it back to us along with $18.50 (Current shipping andhandling cost. Canadian orders $35 other countries contact us for returnshipping cost) for shipping and handling and we will take care of the neededrepair or adjustment with no labor or material charge to you. All shipping toand from our location is the customer’s responsibility. All warranty repairsare under the condition of normal use and conditions. Other products that weoffer carry a 90-day If your cover is returned for replacement because of product failure(replacement or repair will be at our discretion), your cover will be pro-ratedup to the 2 or 3-year warranty period for the purchase price from the purchasedate of the cover. The unused portion of the pro-ration of the purchase pricewill be credited towards another cover from our company. No cash refunds, Youmay even apply your unused pro-rated credits toward the purchase price of acover of equal or higher value. Our goal is your satisfaction! Because of thecustom-made features as antenna modifications, customer selected colors orcovers that are soiled (but not limited to) when installed on an aircraft, wewill not be able to refund or reimburse the purchase price or any relatedwarranty shipping cost for any cover purchased from our company. Our warrantyis limited to repairs, adjustments or replacement at our discretion. All salesare final sales. All shipping to and from our location is the customer’s responsibility.The above warranty applies only to normal use of the windshield cover undernormal circumstances. If there is a replacement because of product failure, wereserve the right to upgrade your replacement cover at our discretion withanother type of cover or different material that may be more conducive to theelements that may have led to product failure. Any balance due because of anupgrade must be paid before order can be shipped. Other products that we offercarry a 90-day warranty.

Return ShippingPolicy - It is our desire to supply you with a quality cover from our company.Please understand that when the order is placed, you will be emailed measuringinstructions for antennas and temp probes locations in the event that anymodifications are needed. We ask that you use the form that we send you andfollow instruction as listed. This form is provided to eliminate any mistakes,problems or confusion in production of the cover you have ordered. However,please understand that in the event of warranty repair or adjustments, you musthave a return authorization and return authorization number to accompany yourreturn for repairs, and or adjustments only. Once you have the proper returnauthorization and number, please return the cover back to us for repair and oradjustments. All covers returned to us must be accompanied with return shippingcost of $18.50. New products from our company have a 7-day discovery inspectionperiod for defects pertaining to product failure or manufacturing defects fromconfirmed delivery date. Return shipping cost back to us because of our errorwill be awarded in the form of a mailing label sent to you or an in storecredit towards any product from our company. Returns that are sent back to ourcompany with a mailing label provided by us is limited to a 7-day inspectiondiscovery period after confirmed delivery date. (During discovery period.Orders that are outside of the 48 lower states will have a $18.50 credittowards return shipping to and from our company. Shipping balance will be thecustomer’s responsibility). After the 7 day discovery period for errors inproduction has expired, all shipping cost will be the customers responsibility.Complementary products, work or services that we provide are not covered under thiswarranty. By the purchasing of this product and other products made by MacsAirplane Covers, you the purchaser are indicating that you have read,understand and accept our warranty and return policies. Furthermore, thisacceptance will act as notice of your willingness and intent of purchase aswell as to act as notice to credit card companies used by you the purchaserthat you accept and fully understand our warranty and return policies.

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