GRT EIS 4000 Engine Information System 4 cylinder For Sale

GRT EIS 4000 Engine Information System 4 cylinder

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GRT EIS 4000 Engine Information System 4 cylinder:

  • Used EIS 4000 in newer conditionWITHOUT PROBES AND SENDERS. Still has a protective film over the screen since its purchase.The aircraft has only ~40+ hours on it. The previous EA/B owner/builderhad an 0-200A 4 cyl Continental previously installed before I purchased the project airframe without the engine.
  • Specs can be found by contacting GRT or by visiting their website to check for compatibility with your 4-cylinder engine.
  • I have not tested the EIS myself as the plane has no engine.
  • No returns and no warranty as this is pre-owned.
  • Please see the agreement below.
-----------------WAIVER OF LIABILITY AND INDEMNIFICATION AGREEMENTI have had no opportunity to supervise the installation or maintenance of parts supplied by this sale, nor any opportunity to participate in the design or manufacture of the product(s) I am re-selling or of the various homebuilt and certificated aircraft in which its parts are utilized; the purchaser, by placing this order with me and by accepting the part(s), agrees that all material(s) purchased will be used solely at purchaser's risk and that the purchaser will indemnify and hold me and my estate, free and harmless from all loss, liability, and/or damage(s) resulting from claims brought by reason of any alleged failure or defect of any used parts or parts sold as resale items by me. If this agreement is unacceptable to the purchaser, the purchaser will not purchase these used parts from me.

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