Nitrogen Regulator Custom Kit Aviation [25-ft] In-Hangar *DIY* 4 tire inflation For Sale

Nitrogen Regulator Custom Kit Aviation [25-ft]  In-Hangar *DIY* 4 tire inflation
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Nitrogen Regulator Custom Kit Aviation [25-ft] In-Hangar *DIY* 4 tire inflation:

Got a flat tire? It was nitrogen filled? You live rural?
No problem, no worries. Get the solution, for years to come!I don't just resell some item on . I put together your kit for a singular
purpose – which BTW, the regulator can still be used for multiple purposes.I supply easy-to-follow directions for use,
for even the beginner! And, you can contact me anytime.Read my story online [on ABOUT US page] at 4ESYT

This kit is versatile. Detachable from the regulator, you get to use your regulator for other
needs. You want a longer or shorter air hose, you buy one andswap it out. Use a different air chuck? No problem

Forindividuals N2 inflation beginners, rural equipment, shops and garages,business fleets (bus, trucking), private aviation hangars andrecreational vehicles. No need to be around cities when you neednitrogen availability.I show you how:

Yes, youCANDo It Yourself!

SPRING SPECIAL -- limited time offer, you get a higher pressure 0-800 PSI regulator, while supplies last.

Let'sbe clear now -- upfront! You can purchase cheaper China-made kitsthan I offer for tire inflation. However, this product is madewith quality parts and meant to last for years. Once I receiveyour purchase notification from , I then order in each kit'scomponents brand new. When you purchase from me, you purchase quality!OnceI've checked the parts for any possible defects, I assemble the kit andprovide you with my humble instructions -- an easy-to-follow detail forbeginners, which describes exactlywhat I learnedwhenI made the first kit for myself. I proceeded to fill my own 31 tires(including spares) from a 200 cu.ft. N2 tank, with gas left over.
Cylinder: $29.00 for one-month rental (at my local CarQuest store).
One cylinder will fill up to 60 standard auto tires.When you purchase from me, you purchase quality!

This25-ft. Nitrogen Regulator Kit is perfect for garage, shop and portableuse, and this regulator kit is dual-purpose. It includes properfittings for both inflation (NPT fitting) and HVAC work (flarefitting). It will adapt to a variety of hose sizes.

Wecan install a quick-coupler fitting for a nominal additionalcost. We also supply an adaptor for converting the regulator toCO2 use, for beer processing. We at 4ESYT continue to evolve ourservices to respond to customer needs. Feel free to contact us bymessage.

Kitsare also available from us in 10-ft. and 50-ft. hose lengths, for morecommercial and/or portable applications.Check our other listingsat link below.

(see my items for sale)
Kitincludes regulator, hose, standard inflation air chuck, detailedinstructions for safely operating, and FREE SHIPPING. See furtherdetails listed below.Ifirst assembled this kit for myself because I was irritated, living ina rural area that didn't offer nitrogen inflation locally.

My family and I have 26 tires, and 5 spares. It's not sensible that we drive 80 miles, just to air all our tires with nitrogen.

Learn DIY Nitrogen
Tire Inflation

Your 4ESYT kit can be used in garage or shop (stationary), or in a portable setting for on-the-road use.
Go Green!
These regulator kits aredesigned for use withnitrogen gas cylinder tanks.

Gascylinder tanks are commonly used in welding, for air tools (orpaint-ball), and come in various sizes. Just like common propanetanks on BBQs and RV's. Number of tires filled depends on size of tire.Isupply a simple instruction sheet in this kit, describing usage andsafety tips, as well as detailing how easy it is to keep tire-inflationnitrogen on hand in garage or shop.

Fillyour tires just as you would when using a gas-station hose, or an airhose on an air compressor. A universal air chuck is supplied withthe kit.Our instructions supplied detail how you safely set your nitrogen regulator, once attached to compressed N2 gas.

A lot of money is riding
on your tires ...
protect your investment
I attempt to explain usage and terms,in a way that's easy for everyone to understand, in the Instruction Sheet you receive in the kit package.When I began to learn about use of gas cylinder tanks, I noticed nothing was described in "common language."
I've taken the guess-work out of it.NITROGEN REGULATOR KIT CONTENTS
This kit includes proper fittings for
use in both applications:
1) HVAC pressure tests (attach HVAC hose)
2) to inflate tires (with hose supplied here)JUST ATTACH TO CYLINDER
All you need is the GAS !!

Kit price: $ 186.40
[kit contents are described below]
Free Shipping to USA address3/8" x 25 ft. Nitrogen Air Hose
  • Lays flat; no memory
  • Kink resistant under pressure
  • Anodized Aircraft Aluminum end fittings
  • Extreme all-weather flexibility
    (-40 degrees to 150 degrees F.)
  • Maximum pressure: 300 PSI
  • Excellent abrasion-resistant outer cover
  • Bend restrictor reduces wear and tear
  • Ideal length extends service area without the need to move the service tank cylinder, and makes portable applications a breeze.
Nitrogen Regulator with Easy-Read
Inlet and Outlet Gauges
  • Delivery Pressure: 0-400 PSI
  • CGA580 Inlet Connection (nitrogen standard)
  • 2" gauges with protective rubber gauge boots
  • Durable brass piston-designed diaphragm, self re-seating relief valve
  • Large brass"T"handle with stainless steel pressure adjusting screw and regulator bushing that prevents galling
  • Fittings included for both HVAC(or beer!)and tire inflation applications
TPMS Green Plastic Sealing Valve Cap
  • Fits all valve stems
  • Green cap indicates tire contains nitrogen
  • Works with auto TPMS systems
  • Kit includes set of 4

Alltire service centers install green valve-stem caps, which indicate thattires are filled with nitrogen. As an industry standard, this capalerts mechanics and other tire centers to top-off your tires withnitrogen, if needed. For hauling, I increase my pickup 10-ply-tires'PSI from 55 lbs to 80 lbs in the rear. And, in the case of a punctureor flat, serviceman then knows to use nitrogen following a tire repair.But, if he doesn't have nitrogen, you can do it when you get home!
Instruction Sheet for DIY Nitrogen Tire Inflation (at home or shop)Is this your first time dealing with gas cylinder tanks? No problem - it was my first time, too!With your kit, you receive a detailed set of instructions to insure that you:
  • experience easy setup
  • observe safety factors
As with anything, after you do it a few times, you'll be a "pro".ORDER COMPLETION
  • I assemble each kitper order. Please allow 5-7 business days for shipping.
  • This kit ships expedited FREE in USA, via USPS Priority Mail.
  • Replacement parts available include: inlet gauge, outlet gauge, gauge boots.
  • Ido not sell kit parts separately, due to the fact that I do not knowthe experience level of each consumer. To promote safe operationof this equipment, the buyer receives beginner-level instructions inthe proper use of the equipment for specifically its primary purposehere: generic tire inflation.
  • For CO2 applications,CO2 adapter is available, for use on a CO2 gas cylinder tanks.
  • Parts warranty: per manufacturer allowance
    With my kits, you get flexibility in use of your new nitrogen regulator.
    All my N2 kits comewith proper fittingsfor the regulator to be used in
    various capacities, for:*N2 tire inflation (for which I provide detailed beginner instructions.)
    * Purging piping and equipment to prevent contamination
    *HVAC refrigeration (user should be licensed in such work)
    * Beer home brewing
    * N2 tanks - the ultimate performance upgrade for apaintballmarker
    * Use with CO2 (you need an adapter for this purpose)One regulator, a variety of uses --Not so with "cheap" inflation kits!

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Nitrogen Regulator Custom Kit Aviation [25-ft]  In-Hangar *DIY* 4 tire inflation picture

Nitrogen Regulator Custom Kit Aviation [25-ft] In-Hangar *DIY* 4 tire inflation


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