SV-HDX800 7? SkyView HDX Touch Display, with Harness & Mapping Software DYNON S For Sale

SV-HDX800 7? SkyView HDX Touch Display, with Harness & Mapping Software DYNON S
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SV-HDX800 7? SkyView HDX Touch Display, with Harness & Mapping Software DYNON S:

Model Number: DYNON SV-HDX800

Product Specification:

Dynon SV-HDX800 7? SkyView HDX Touch Display, with Main Wiring Harness and Mapping Software Please Note: Dynon SkyView displays currently have a 4-5 month lead time on new orders. Includes SV-SYNVIS-280 Synthetic Vision, and SV-MAP-270 Navigation Mapping

SkyView HDX is the new flagship SkyView system from Dynon, the market leaders in experimental and light sport avionics. SkyView HDX features improved displays, beautiful design, unrivaled control ergonomics, and an upgraded touch interface. SkyView HDX displays are compatible with all existing SkyView components and feature identical mounting profiles and electrical connections.

Clear, Vibrant Displays: SkyView HDX features brighter, higher-resolution HD touchscreen displays with wider viewing angles and improved anti-reflective properties for the sharpest picture ever.

Beautiful Design: SkyView HDX?s modern, elegant design features robust metal and glass construction that is worthy of being in your aircraft. Unrivaled Control Ergonomics: SkyView HDX expands the SkyView philosophy of combining full physical controls with a touchscreen. SkyView HDX?s angled control panel allows for natural hand positioning, reducing fatigue. The wide, sculpted ledge allows you to anchor your hand for precise control in turbulence. New knobs have positive and crisp movement, and all controls are now fully-backlit for night flight.

Improved Touch Interface: SkyView HDX features icon-driven touch controls and simplified screen navigation for reduced workload. The new engine monitor instrument band along the bottom of the screen affords an ideal instrument scan. The expansive glass display features edge-to-edge touchability with no bezel in the way.

Capable and Compatible: SkyView HDX utilizes the same components and modules as existing SkyView systems. It also features the same mounting footprint and wiring as other SkyView displays, allowing drop-in upgrades for pilots already flying behind SkyView. SkyView HDX displays can also work side-by-side with SkyView Touch and SkyView Classic displays.

You?d be surprised what you can fit in your aircraft when you choose SkyView. The widescreen format was designed to integrate perfectly in aircraft panels, which are often height-limited. SkyView?s bezels were intentionally made as narrow as possible so that even the tightest panels have room for two or even three displays. The RV-8 panels on this page are examples of what you can accomplish in narrow tandem seat aircraft.

SkyView Capabilities
SkyView comprises most of the avionics in your aircraft, with many components like the transponder mounted remotely so they don?t take up valuable panel space. In addition to primary flight instruments and a full-featured engine monitor, SkyView is home to robust mapping and navigation capabilities. Simply point at or touch map features to learn more about them: SkyView knows enough about airports and airspace to let you keep your charts stowed. Terrain, obstacle, weather and traffic data lets SkyView guide you away from danger. An intuitive, robust flight planner lets you quickly route yourself to your $100 hamburger. Equip your SkyView system with a full-featured two-axis autopilot just by adding inexpensive Dynon servos to the aircraft. This saves you thousands over a standalone autopilot. For pilots who value dedicated controls, the optional autopilot control panel ensures autopilot mode control is always at your fingertips. SkyView?s COM radio breaks the mold with a revolutionary pilot interface. Combine its knowledge of airport and ATC frequencies with dedicated buttons for tuning various frequency types, and you can literally fly across the country without ever manually spinning in a frequency. It will change the way you fly. Pair the COM radio with Dynon?s Two-Place Stereo Intercom: it outclasses comparable products with ample inputs for SkyView alerts, stereo music, and other technology in your panel. SkyView?s integrated Mode-S Transponder receives TIS traffic, provides ADS-B Out, and automatically switches modes when you take-off and land. When paired with our ADS-B receiver, you gain even more situational awareness with a FULL traffic and weather portrait.

Equipping for your Mission: IFR vs. VFR
When equipping for IFR redundancy is paramount. This means you want your critical flight instruments backed up to maintain your ability to aviate and navigate safely in an emergency. You can achieve this redundancy with a second SkyView display and ADAHRS, giving you ?partial-panel? capability that really isn?t partial at all. Additionally, SkyView continuously cross-checks multiple ADAHRS against each other to ensure the integrity of your primary flight instruments. Dual data paths in SkyView Network harnesses let your system tell you about emerging wiring problems without loss of function. Equipping at least one display with a backup battery safeguards against electrical failure, and a heated AOA/Pitot probe protects against inadvertent icing. Many pilots also equip with a third-party nav radio and/or certified GPS for legal IFR flight navigation. If you?re equipping for VFR flight the additional real estate provided by a second SkyView display is useful for displaying larger PFD, Engine, and Map pages than a single display affords. No matter what your budget, you?ll find that a SkyView panel will actually save you money and time compared to putting together a panel of disparate other products. Whether you?re equipping for VFR or IFR, SkyView has chart subscription options at unprecedented low prices through partnerships with Seattle Avionics and PocketFMS. Procedure charts (plates), airport diagrams, VFR en route charts, and IFR Lo/Hi en route charts are all available.

  • SkyView?s PFD display enhances situational awareness with realistic and accurate 3D depictions of runways, obstacles, terrain, and water.
  • New to glass? SkyView?s ?six-pack? mode bridges retro analog gauges with the state-of-the-art.
  • Connect up any device with s-video or composite output with the optional video input adapter. Perhaps a forward looking taxi camera for your tail-dragger.
  • Point at airports, airspaces and more for instant information about them right on the map. From there, one button press gets you virtually all the information available for airports, including TPA, frequencies, services, charts, weather, and even the airport facility directory remarks.
  • The tools you need to completely manage your powerplant, including the industry?s only automatic EGT lean/rich mixture detection that requires no pilot action and the most accurate percent power calculations possible. Modern cars know their range to empty and instantaneous MPG; Shouldn?t your airplane?
  • You shouldn?t have to be a computer programmer to install your avionics: An intuitive, hierarchical setup menu helps you configure your system with ease.
  • With procedure charts (plates), airport diagrams (including ~5000 Flight Guide diagrams in the US), IFR en route charts, VFR sectionals, and SkyView?s own map, you can truly achieve a paperless cockpit at the lowest prices in the industry.
  • SkyView?s navigation engine flies like you would. It anticipates waypoints and turns just before them to avoid needless overshoots. You can even display the graphics and waypoints from external IFR GPS flight plans.
  • Equip with the SV-ADSB-470 (US-only) to gain graphical NEXRAD weather radar imagery, text METARs, TAFs, winds aloft, traffic, and more.
  • SkyView?s free worldwide terrain data is the highest resolution available. Terrain colors are designed to look similar to charts while you?re en route. They alert in vibrant yellow and red when altitude clearance is a factor.
  • Voice alerts detail specific warning and caution conditions as they occur. A tone that gains intensity as your angle-of-attack increases helps you grease your landings and avoid stalls before they happen.
Dynon invites you to rediscover the new SkyView. Go Fly.
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    SV-HDX800 7? SkyView HDX Touch Display, with Harness & Mapping Software DYNON S picture

    SV-HDX800 7? SkyView HDX Touch Display, with Harness & Mapping Software DYNON S


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