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PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING REASONABLE RULES! I do not accept offers from buyers with <10 responses unless you use the “pay upon acceptance” feature. DO NOT make an offer if you can not/will not pay, DO NOT renege on your payment, and DO NOT submit an offer that includes free shipping. DO NOT request a return or leave BAD/NEUTRAL response unless you contact me first!

IF YOU DO ANY OF THESE THINGS I WILL BLOCK YOU! PLEASE DO NOT request a return or leave neutral or negative response without the minimal courtesy of contacting me first! Almost every issue experienced by buyers is caused by simple human error-not intentional misconduct. This means that any problem can be fixed with just a few communications. If you violate ANY of these terms you may or may not get your return but then I will permanently block you and you will miss out on some great items.

SO, THEN, WHY SHOULD YOU BUY FROM ME? Well, 1st, I’m reliable. Check out my response. I've been an seller since 2001 with a stellar reputation for satisfying buyers with high quality items. Buyers wouldn't leave me positive response if I was misleading them or selling inferior goods. So you have some peace of mind knowing that other buyers have had positive experiences with me and that I'm not going anywhere. 2nd, I give you return privileges on most sales. That’s because I have confidence in what I sell and I anticipate your total satisfaction. 3rd, I package my items properly for safe arrival. 4th, I recycle! These four points should give you reassurance that buying from me is much less risky than buying from someone else. All my items come from my smoke free environment.

YES, I RECYCLE! Most of my shipping materials are recycled. I re-use boxes, envelopes, newsprint, bubble wrap, shopping bags, packing peanuts, and packaging stuffs whenever I can. This is the reason why I don’t charge extra for costs of shipping materials. Recycling is necessary to preserve our environment. It makes no sense to me to throw away perfectly good materials that can be re-used. I encourage all my buyers to do the same! If you are not a seller, then please recycle your materials-or better yet donate your used shipping materials to someone who does or to someone who can re-use them such as your local thrift store-they will appreciate it!

WHAT CAN I EXPECT TO RECEIVE? The pics in this listing show you exactly what it is that I am selling, what you are buying, and what you are going to receive, regardless of whatever the title or obscure item specifics might state. If you do happen to find any mistake(s) or contradiction(s) anywhere in this listing PLEASE bring it to my attention BEFORE you buy for clarification or correction. If it isn’t shown in the pics, then you’re not getting it. If what’s shown is different from the title then you are getting what is shown and not what you think you should get. So please do not buy this item and then complain to me-after you receive the exact same item that is shown in the pics-that the item doesn’t match with something else. I list a lot of items and I don’t have any proofreaders or editors.

WHERE DO MY ITEMS COME FROM? I source my items from yard sales, flea markets, thrift stores, antique shops, consignments, friends, family, estates, resellers, sales, other dealers, and sometimes my own home-really anywhere I happen to be. I’ve been buying and selling since I was a teenager. I’ve never had a brick-and-mortar store but sold my items mostly through word-of-mouth or local advertising. I’ve done this locally as a hobby for decades but now I sell to buyers around the world.

HOW WILL YOU GET MY ITEMS? I can't personally deliver your item(s) to you, so I package and deliver them to a carrier to deliver to you. The heavier and bigger the package-and the further it has to travel-the more it’s going to cost to ship, that is a fact. Some items may be too big or heavy or fragile to ship via carrier so you will have to pick them up or make your own arrangements. If you believe the shipping cost is too much, then please consider that I have to pay whatever the carrier charges me. But then compare your costs of having to go to wherever you would have to go to purchase your item(s), (assuming you could even find it) to the cost of having your item(s) delivered safely to your doorstep. Buying on-line saves you time, money, and provides you with security. You save your time by not spending your time traveling to stores or places that may (or may not) have what you’re looking for-even after you’ve shopped for hours. You save your money by not having to pay for other costs such as fuel, fare, parking, or other related costs such as food or impulse buys while you're out. But most important, your safety is not jeopardized by driving in hazardous traffic conditions, parking in unfamiliar places, or meeting up with strangers and handing over your cash with no assurances about anything.

International Buyers Please Take Note:

Import duties, taxes, and international shipping charges are not included in this item’s price. These additional charges are automatically added into your invoice by . These charges are paid to the shipping company and assessed by . They are not “additional shipping charges”, are not paid to me and I am unable to change the values or mark items as “gifts”.

MY GOALS ARE PRETTY SIMPLE: Keep my buyers happy and coming back. A picture is worth a thousand words so my description incorporates my pictures and videos of the item(s). What you see pictured in this listing is what you are buying and what you can expect to receive. However, limits the number of pics and videos and I am not a professional photographer nor an expert on every item I sell so please ask questions if you have any concerns about the details, condition, quality, appearance, integrity, model, year, vintage, color, size, fitment, or anything else about the item(s) shown or its/their application. I try to provide all part or model numbers if available and indicate proper applications if I know. You may request additional information or pics as long as I don't have to take anything apart.

WHAT ABOUT response? Please keep in mind that response is not exactly a fully transparent situation. I have sold many items to buyers who either left me no response or some petty complaint without ever saying a word to me. doesn’t allow sellers to leave negative response-even to non-paying or unreasonable buyers-nor remove retaliatory, fraudulent, or spiteful response. So that’s why I wait for you to leave me response and then I leave response for you.


USED/PREOWNED: means “shows signs of prior use or wear” or “some portion(s) may need some repair or restoration” but the item is generally useable as is.

FOR PARTS: means “a core for rebuilding or repair” or “to cannibalize for parts” so the item should not be considered to be in useable condition and therefore it cannot be returned.

OPEN BOX: means the original packaging has been opened but the item is in brand new condition, and it is complete including all the literature and packaging.

NEW-OTHER: means an item showing almost no wear but may be missing some original packaging/materials. The packaging may have been opened, some literature or accessories may be missing, or the item may show minor signs of handling or use such as a customer return or a sales or floor sample.

NOS: means “New Old Stock”.

MIB: means “Mint in its Original Box”.

BNIP: means “Brand New in its Original Package”.

BNIB: means “Brand New in its Original Box”.

NWOB: means “New Without its Original Box”.

ANTIQUE: means a very old item, typically at least 50-100 years old or older.

VTG: means “Vintage”-an older item but not typically considered to be an antique.

MINT: means an item in PERFECT condition-few items meet this standard.

EXCELLENT: means “much better than the average condition”

NICE: means “in average condition or better”

POOR: means “in much worse than average condition”

HOWEVER, please appreciate that even brand-new old items often present some shelf or packaging wear, and signs of handling and aging which can be expected after so many years.

RETURNS: You can return an item if I made a mistake or if YOU made the mistake, and YOU also agree to pay for all of the shipping costs (to you and back) plus a 20% fee. Sorry but I cannot accept returns on electronic items, items listed “for parts”, or any item that I sell on consignment.

SPECIAL NOTE ABOUT SHOES: PLEASE KNOW YOUR SHOE SIZE OR ASK FOR SPECIFICS. Manufacturer size designations can vary. I find best fit is EU size but it does not account for width. If you know you have an unusual shape foot DO NOT buy my shoes to “try them on”. I will not pay for shipping either way.


MOST IMPORTANT TERMS OF SALE: I am NOT a national retailer or some big box store that sells 1,000 items a minute with the clout to force my suppliers to accept returned items. I only do this as a hobby and for fun. All I do is find and resell items that someone else has already manufactured and are now available to resell in the marketplace. I am NOT a manufacturer. I DO NOT re-manufacture, warrant, restore, or fix anything I sell. All that I can represent to you is that the item(s) you see in the picture(s) is/are the exact same one(s) that you will receive (as long as the carrier or someone else doesn’t damage or steal it before it gets delivered). If the listing says that the item is “tested” that means that I have run it through its typical operating cycle and it is currently functioning without any noted problems-it does not mean that I am guaranteeing its reliability for months or that its batteries will last for a long time after you receive the item. Any descriptions or representations are intended to be for identification purposes only and are not to be construed as any warranty on my part of any sort. It is the buyer’s responsibility to thoroughly view the pics, read the description, satisfy him/herself as to the condition and value of the item(s), and offer/buy based entirely upon that subjective judgment.

I do not run a delivery service so I do not deliver items to buyers. Buyers are welcome to come to my location and pick up their purchases. Title to all purchased items passes to the buyer once I deliver them personally to the buyer or to the delivery company at the shipment point. I am not an insurance company and I do not insure any buyer’s subjective happiness. Buyer assumes all risks of loss and responsibility for all costs of shipping and insurance, even if I have secured that shipping or insurance at buyer’s request. All delivery charges on shipments to buyer shall be paid by buyer and shall be added to the price of the item(s). I am not a national company. I do not maintain any presence, assets, nor transact any business outside of New Hampshire and I do not pay any fees of any sort to any other governmental entity outside of New Hampshire. The remittance of any taxes, fees, duties, or tariffs, if any, due in buyer’s locale are solely the buyer’s responsibility. Buyer agrees to promptly inspect the item(s) upon receipt and notify me in writing of any nonconformity or defect within the specified return time following buyer’s receipt. If buyer either a) fails to notify me of any non-conformity per the terms of this agreement, or b) leaves positive response expressing satisfaction or c) fails to notify me within the return time limit specified in this listing, then buyer agrees and it is irrevocably presumed that buyer has conclusively accepted the item(s) in “as delivered, as is” condition and that buyer has waived any defect which buyer would have discovered upon any reasonable inspection. Buyer accepts these disclaimers. I will not be responsible or liable for any defect that buyer failed to bring to my attention, delays in delivery, or for any damages due to causes beyond my ability to influence including, but not limited to, subjective expectations, illness, inclement weather, disruptions of utilities or internet access, casualties, acts of others, declarations of emergencies, or acts of God. In the event of any delay, I have the option of extending the delivery date up to an equivalent period of time. I reserve the right to cancel any order, or to refuse or delay shipment, based upon buyer’s failure to meet the payment terms on any outstanding invoice or buyer’s refusal to agree to any of these terms. I reserve the right to refuse to transact any business with anyone in the future and I will do so upon any violation of any of these terms. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES WILL I EVER BE LIABLE FOR ANY LOSS OF PROFIT(S), OR FOR ANY OTHER SPECIAL, CONSEQUENTIAL, OR INCIDENTAL DAMAGES, HOWEVER CAUSED, WHETHER BASED UPON CONTRACT, NEGLIGENCE, STRICT LIABILITY, TORT, WARRANTY, OR ANY OTHER LEGAL THEORY, EVEN IF I HAVE BEEN MADE AWARE OF THE POSSIBILITY OF SUCH DAMAGES, AND UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHALL MY LIABILITY EVER EXCEED THE AMOUNT PAID FOR THE SPECIFIC ITEM(S) PURCHASED. I specifically disclaim any and all product warranties, whether expressed or implied, and/or for fitness and/or for any specific purpose(s). No matter what says, is not a party to this transaction and does not dictate its terms. By buying this item buyer explicitly and contractually agrees to be bound to the forestated terms and conditions and buyer also further agrees and represents to me that: 1) buyer has read and agrees to all the forestated terms of purchase; 2) we have the same amount of bargaining power and that neither of us has any advantage or leverage over the other; 3) my liability is absolutely limited to the total amount buyer paid towards the item(s) purchased; 4) the jurisdiction for any dispute arising from buyer’s purchase of any item(s) in this listing will be in New Hampshire; and 5) buyer agrees to pay for all my legal fees if buyer loses in court. Sorry about this lengthy legal stuff but there seem to be a few unreasonable and miserable buyers out there with crazy lawyers.

Thanks for looking and have a wonderful and safe day. I am always finding neat and interesting items so please look at my other listings, check back often, and be sure to add me to your saved searches and favorite sellers list to receive future listing updates! Drop me a line if you have any special listing requests.

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Vintage Radioactive Aircraft Gauges. 2 Gyroscopes. 1 Horizon Indicator. picture

Vintage Radioactive Aircraft Gauges. 2 Gyroscopes. 1 Horizon Indicator.


Assorted Cabinet of Vintage Aircraft Bolts, New and Used, AN type and more. picture

Assorted Cabinet of Vintage Aircraft Bolts, New and Used, AN type and more.


Assorted Cabinet of Vintage Aircraft Bolts, New and Used, AN type. picture

Assorted Cabinet of Vintage Aircraft Bolts, New and Used, AN type.


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