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Day 3: SimHQ at E3 2013

by Erik “EinsteinEP” Pierce Day 3 – The Final Day Day 3 was a bittersweet day. The first two days were certainly action-packed and exceeded all expectations for awesomeness, but, with all the running around and interviews, I was almost looking forward to going home. Almost. First there was some Battlefield 4 to try out! […]

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Day 2: SimHQ at E3 2013

by Erik “EinsteinEP” Pierce Another Day Today (June 12) was yet another fun-filled day at the expo. Having knocked out most of the West Hall on Day 1, today we focused primarily on the South Hall and the numerous exhibitors there. Wargaming.net had a large spread there, as well as Ubisoft, Electronic Arts, Activision, and […]

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Day 1: SimHQ at E3 2013

by Erik “EinsteinEP” Pierce It’s only the end of Day 1 of E3 2013 and it’s already been a completely amazing time. Connectivity at the event has been horrendous – bad wifi at an Electronic Entertainment Expo seems unfathomable, but Chunx, SeanManly, and myself were fathoming with our mobile devices all day trying to get […]

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