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All new campsites marked on the map (/u/ViqsFromMars)

DayZ update 0.55 – What’s confirmed

Thanks to some industrious DayZ community members, we now have a better look at what update 0.55 will be bringing to the table. Early today, Brian Hicks tweeted: Quarterly Status Report will go live with 0.55 Stable, just a matter of grinding out the rough spots. — Brian Hicks (@Hicks_206 So, you can also expect […]

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DayZ: Update 0.54 and new renderer info

The DayZ team released update 0.54.126645 today which brings with it a handful of new items and mechanics to sink your teeth into. Apart from the usual crashing issues here and there that come with a new update, there are also reports of players losing all their weapon attachments upon logging in, so keep that in […]

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