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Train Simulator 2012 Performance Review Part 2

Other trains and scenarios greatly benefit from the new look as well. The real issue came with the technology demonstration scenario, Horseshoe Curve. As “adlabs” mentions in his review, this scenario contains a lot of the new bells and whistles that is new in Train Simulator 2012, but all that “ooo” and “aah” brings my relatively well-heeled […]

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Train Simulator 2012 Performance Review Part 1

Product Version 5.9d by Erik “EinsteinEP” Pierce   As a newcomer to the train simulation genre, I was quite excited to see that my gateway sim, Railworks 2, was getting a major upgrade to Train Simulator 2012, and it is going to be free! I was already very pleased with theRW2 product and had spent many hours happily shunting cars […]

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Train Simulator 2012 The Horseshoe Curve Expansion

Product version 5.9d by “adlabs6” Introduction The Horseshoe Curve is a famous railway curve near Altoona, Pennsylvania. Completed in 1854 by the Pennsylvania Railroad (PRR), it solved the problem of trying to get trains over the peaks in the Allegheny Mountains. Its value to American shipping was such that it was targeted by the Nazis in […]

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Railworks 2 Review Part 5

Closing Comments Before I close out my review of this product, there were some difficulties that I encountered that I’ll comment on. The difficulties I experience were few, and none prevented my enjoyment of the Railworks 2. Firstly, my Steam client needs to be run with Administrator privileges for Railworks 2 to work. This was not at first […]

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Railworks 2 Review Part 4

Graphics and Sound Visually speaking, Railworks 2 succeeds at building a convincing and lifelike world. While the graphics could be argued to be off the cutting edge, they are certainly very detailed. The trains are for the most part beautifully rendered, and feature nice reflective effects on the exteriors, animated drivers (when viewed from the exterior), and […]

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Railworks 2 Review Part 3

Gameplay – User Interface The literature for Railworks 2 presents gameplay with the phrase “Be the Driver”, where the player will face the challenges an engineer would while operating these locomotives. The user interface includes what is called the “Cab Control” system, the 3D clickable locomotive cockpits, and the keyboard. In addition, the controls can be operated […]

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Railworks 2 Review Part 2

Documentation The six PDF manuals included with Railsworks 2 are outlined below, with a description. An asterisk (*) denotes availability for download at the Railworks web site. Quickstart Guide – Basic installation and operation* Driver Manual – Detailed instructions; route, scenario, and car overviews* Keyboard Signal Guide – A keyboard reference with signal and sign […]

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Railworks 2 Review Part 1

by “adlabs6”   A freight train rolls through a spot of life in the desert. Introduction What is Railworks 2? Railworks 2 by Railsimulator.com Ltd, is an expandable “base package” railroad simulation. Offered as a free update to current owners of the original Railworks, the product is also available for sale on Steam and DVD media. The original Railworks was a 2009 […]

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Over Flanders Fields Page 4

Back To Page 3   Sopwith Camel Sopwith Camel Cockpit Hanriot Hanriot Nieuport 17 Nieuport 17 Cockpit SE5A SE5A Cockpit Short 184 Short 184 SPAD SPAD SPAD SPAD Cockpit SPAD Cockpit SPAD Cockpit Sopwith Triplane Sopwith Triplane Sopwith Triplane Cockpit Sopwith Triplane Cockpit Go To Page 5

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