Review: Logitech G25 Force Feedback Racing Wheel - Part I

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What’s in a Name?

Many folks might wonder where Logitech got the idea to name their new wheel the G25. As it turns out, the G25 wheel is part of Logitech’s new G-series family of PC gaming peripherals, which also includes the G3, G5 and G7 Laser Mice, and the G11 and G15 gaming keyboards.


The G25's retail box is about 1/3 smaller than the Momo's, but despite this it is not made for easy portability due to the box's thin-walled construction and lack of carry-handle (this is only important if you're like me and have to transport your wheel to new locations, such as LAN meets, frequent moves, etc). In my previous job I had to transport the wheel a lot, both by car and by hand, so I appreciated the Momo's sturdy packaging and plastic carrying handle. No such luck with the G25. For most consumers though, this won't be an issue.

Here it is.

All wrapped up.

What comes in the box.

Box size aside, the packaging is neatly done, with the components well organized and separated in the crate. They seemed to weather the shipment process well, with no broken parts. It should be noted that Logitech shipped our review sample in a double-boxed configuration (with an outer brown box covering the retail box), so there remains the possibility that component damage could be incurred if the thin-walled retail box is the only source of protection for the product during shipping or transport.

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