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Snakeye’s deploy!

Service Pack 2 – The Second Patch

Released as a Christmas present to the Community at the end of 2003, this patch was even more eagerly anticipated than the first. Among the approximately 50 updates were FM and bug fixes, some new effects (such as the Rockeye cluster effect), new Soviet AAM’s (such as the AA-8 Aphid), time fused flak, craters (finally!), Snakeye retarded bombs and improved AI. It is generally accepted that the AI in SP2 is the most competent.

Cluster bomb explosions Aphid
Rockeye ruins the enemies day! AA-8’s Aphid launch! MiG-23M by Team Flogger (including me!)
At last, somewhere to hide!

The release of SP2 bought 2003 to a close, but even bigger things were to happen in 2004. This was a big year for the SF Community, as it was announced a new sim based on the SF engine, “Wings Over Vietnam”, was to be produced. As the title suggests, this sim was based on the air war over Vietnam during the period 1965-1973. We will cover the “brother” sim of SF in detail in a later article.

Another development was the re-release of SF by other publishers in summer 2004. GMX media in Europe and ValuSoft in North America released their own versions of SF, titled Strike Fighters Gold, and Strike Fighters ValuSoft Edition respectively. With Strategy First doing a less than stellar job on the original release of SF, these new versions breathed new life, via a new audience, into the sim.

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