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Book Review: William Gibson – The Peripheral

Do you enjoy games where you can create an avatar and then roam a virtual world, carrying out missions, fulfilling quests and saving damsels or dudes in distress? OK, now imagine the possibilities if the avatar you created existed in the real world, not a virtual world. This is the premise behind Cyberpunk godfather William Gibson’s newest […]

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Jinnik by Gideon D. Asche Book Review

Title: Jinnik Author: Gideon D. Asche Kindle version (illustrated) read on Onyx Boox T68 ISBN13 9781483539188 The preview blurb for “Jinnik” by Gideon Asche caught my eye on a discussion  thread on Goodreads. “Set in a time and place remembered only by those who survived and a row of upside down shot glasses behind an old bar; […]

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Half Way Home and Hurricane, by Hugh Howey Book Reviews

Digital age author Hugh Howey specialises in post apocalyptic ‘what happens after the end of the world’ storytelling, with minutely imagined, detailed worlds and compelling characters whose fates you cannot fail to care about.Many book lovers will need no introduction to Howey and his famous ‘Sand’ and ‘Silo’ series books, so for this review I have chosen to review two of […]

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Ghosts of Targets Past Book Review

Extremely well written and first published in 1995; Ghosts of Targets Past reads like a ”modern” book as it takes the reader through the experiences of a Lancaster pilot and crew during the closing months of WW2. Beginning in January 1942 with the author’s appearance before the selection board and then going on to describe parts […]

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Dawn Attack by Brian Callison Book Review

Dawn Attack by Brian Callison Plot precis: Fictional account of a British combined forces attack on German Occupied Norway, drawing inspiration from the British commando raid on Lofoten in March 1941.The story of the dawn raid is told from multiple points of view, both the German and British side, as well as from air, land and sea. Preamble: […]

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ROLLING THUNDER (Wings of War) Free on Kindle

Amazon is offering ROLLING THUNDER (Wings of War) for free on Kindle.  Rolling Thunder is an explosive portrait of men at war, so authentic and powerful, only a veteran pilot could have written it. It is the first of the five-book Rolling Thunder series. Next are Steel Tiger, Phantom Leader, Eagle Station, and Storm Flight.

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Men who Killed the Luftwaffe Free on Kindle

Amazon is offering Men who Killed the Luftwaffe a dramatic story of World War II in the air written by Jay A. Stout for free on Kindle.  The book details how the U.S. built an air force of 2.3 million men after starting with 45,000 and defeated the world’s best air force at the time. In order to defeat […]

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Out of the Turret and Into Hell Review

by Cat   Introduction In this digital age, almost anyone can be a published author. Over the last ten years especially, print-on-demand services have flourished, making a domain previously occupied only by professional literary agents and long-established publishing houses open to just about anyone. I myself have taken advantage of this, with the 2009 publication through […]

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