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Cool looking, but worth the effort?

Let’s Talk: Closed-Loop Liquid Cooling

  As PC gamers, I’m betting most of us have ran into an overheating issue, at least once. I’m also pretty sure a lot of us have seen pictures of some pretty impressive looking liquid cooling setups and thought: “I need that…” Liquid Cooling can work wonders for your PC’s temperature, the problem is, they […]

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You're budget PC probably won't look this cool... sorry...

Build A Gaming Rig For Less Than $650

The holiday season is fast approaching, and, as with every year, the high profile gaming releases are hot on its trail. If you’re primarily a PC gamer this season is always a little bittersweet. The gamer in you is thrilled at all the new games you’ll be able to play, but there is always the […]

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x55 hotas

Saitek X-55 RHINO H.O.T.A.S. System Interview with Tim Di Iullo from Mad Catz

by Ken “531 Ghost” King I had some time with Tim Di Iullo from Mad Catz to discuss the upcoming  Saitek X-55 RHINO H.O.T.A.S. System. You’ve seen our announcements and there have been various questions on the forums as well.  Keep reading below for an inside scoop on this upcoming product. Ken: According to the Saitek website the RHINO X-55 […]

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