Steam Summer Sale

Considering the recent heat wave sweeping across the US, particularly in the Southwest, Steam’s annual summer sale really has come at an opportune time.  With some areas of the states reaching temperatures exceeding 120 F (49 C), I’d say it’s definitely time to blast the AC and retreat into your gaming lair as often as possible. This year’s Steam deals will last the entirety of the sale’s two week run, ending on July 5th – with probable encore sales, as has become custom. There are literally hundreds of games on sale right now, so I’d recommend digging around a bit to find those gems worth buying. That said, here are a handful of notables which might interest you.

Arma 3

All of it – it’s all on sale. The base game is 66% off right now, costing only $13.59 USD, but you can also grab the Apex Edition which includes the base game, Apex, Helicopters, Karts, and Marksmen for $23.79. Even if you’re just looking to invest into another piece of DLC or two, it’s all here and all 20 to 66% off.

Likewise if you’re feeling nostalgic, Arma and Arma 2 are both on sale for next to nothing.

Bohemia Interactive Bundle

If you’re looking to drop $111.00 bucks on some games, then Bohemia’s bundle might be something to check into. Aside from the Arma series of games, you’ll also get the likes of DayZ, Take On Helicopters, Take On Mars, and bunch of others.

DCS World

Again, pretty much everything here is on sale for 40% off, with some modules running at most $36 bucks and at minimum 6 dollars.

Elite Dangerous

While the DLC didn’t make it to the sale, the base game and the Horizons Season Pass have both seen their prices slashed 50% and 33% respectively. You can pick up the base game for $14.99 and the season pass for $20.09. If you’re feeling particularly cosmetic, you can buy the Commander Deluxe Edition for $34.79 which includes the base game, Horizons pass, as well as the paint job focused Commander Pack.

X-Plane 11

Laminar Research’s popular flight simulation, X-Plane 11, didn’t get an insanely deep price cut, but the 26% off isn’t too bad. You can buy it now for $44.39. The paid DLC is also all 20% off, running you anywhere from $12.79 to $39.99.

IL-2 Sturmovik

Once more, it’s all on sale. 1C Games’ well-known series of flight sims is on a fairly deep sale with prices ranging from 75% off to 33% on everything. The Battle of Stalingrad is currently $24.99, at 50% off with the relatively new Battle of Moscow DLC coming it at $29.99 for 40% off its usual price.

Naval Action

One of my favorite on-again-off-again games, for various reasons, is also on sale for a modest 33% off at $26.79. The recently released mega patch 10.0 and subsequent follow up patches have had its ups and downs, but it’s still worth looking into if it looks like your cup of tea.

Kerbal Space Program

Take-Two Interactive’s recent purchase of Kerbal Space Program may have made some fans a little uneasy, but there’s no denying the game’s quirky fun. At 50% off, KSP is only $19.99 and definitely worth a look.

A Few Others

This War of Mine

At 80% off, this little gem is only $3.99 and is absolutely worth looking into if you’re a fan of survival sims, post-war wastelands, and fairly gut-wrenching decision making. You can also grab both DLC for $3.48 combined.

Deus Ex

I’ve always been a fan of the Deus Ex series, even if the newest ones didn’t captivate me quite as much as the original. If you’ve never touched the games, but have been curious, they’re on deep sale right now. The original Deus Ex: game of the Year Edition is only $1.39, and you can also grab the Revision overhaul on steam for free. The overhaul is a community-created work that adds locations, integrates popular mods, and improves the aging game’s overall aesthetics. Both of the newer games, Human Revolution and Mankind Divided are also worth noting at 80% and 75% off respectively.

Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

I don’t even need to explain this one. If you haven’t heard of it, you may want to move out from under that rock. It’s 50% off at $24.99, but if you’ve waited this long, I suppose you could wait even longer for a deeper sale… but why?

Dark Souls III

And once again the game’s title says all there needs to be said. It’s 60% off at $23.99.

Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor Game of the Year Edition

While not quite as popular as Witcher and Dark Souls, Monolith Productions definitely made a great game set within the Lord of the Rings franchise. Yes, it takes some liberties with the lore, but if you can get over that then I’d say it’s definitely worth the $3.99 (80% off).

As I said, these are by no means all, or even the best, games on sale. If you’re a steam user, definitely open your client up and do some browsing, it’s likely you will find a game you’ll want to drop some cash on… if not multiple games.

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🇺🇸 Beechcraft  King Air plenum 101-555049-3 picture

🇺🇸 Beechcraft King Air plenum 101-555049-3


Beechcraft Switch Panel Lighted # 35-380126-3 picture

Beechcraft Switch Panel Lighted # 35-380126-3


Beechcraft Lighted Panel P/N 35-380133-3 picture

Beechcraft Lighted Panel P/N 35-380133-3


Parting Out Beech Bonanza picture

Parting Out Beech Bonanza


Beechcraft Bonanza D’Shannon Baffle Section P/N 244098Z picture

Beechcraft Bonanza D’Shannon Baffle Section P/N 244098Z


Beechcraft LH Tip Tank PN B051889-311 picture

Beechcraft LH Tip Tank PN B051889-311


Beechcraft Bonanza Tail Cone Beech 35 picture

Beechcraft Bonanza Tail Cone Beech 35


Beechcraft Aircraft Fuel Gauge, Hickok Electrical, 58-380051-19 picture

Beechcraft Aircraft Fuel Gauge, Hickok Electrical, 58-380051-19


Beechcraft ,Barrels , Tubes, Axles picture

Beechcraft ,Barrels , Tubes, Axles


33-380019-1 Tachometer, IND, BMD1001B picture

33-380019-1 Tachometer, IND, BMD1001B


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