Do You Even Read? – Gaming and Learning

As gaming genres, Sim and Strategy have an interesting facet, aside from their own unique mechanics, that other gaming genres can’t really claim to possess: books, and by extension, actual learning potential. Before you start listing out all the Fantasy/Sci-fi books you’ve read which were clear inspirations for all the Fantasy/Sci-fi games you’ve played, let […]

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Motely Crew Addon 3 (Large)

Wings Over Flanders Fields: Motley Crew Add-on

OBD Software have released a new add-on for their well-known World War I combat flight sim, Wings: Over Flanders Fields. The update includes two new flyable aircraft, available to WOFF Expansion users (v2), as well as a secondary update to fix some issues with the initial release. Motley Crew introduces the Nieuport 12 and the […]

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Cool looking, but worth the effort?

Let’s Talk: Closed-Loop Liquid Cooling

  As PC gamers, I’m betting most of us have ran into an overheating issue, at least once. I’m also pretty sure a lot of us have seen pictures of some pretty impressive looking liquid cooling setups and thought: “I need that…” Liquid Cooling can work wonders for your PC’s temperature, the problem is, they […]

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Falcon BMS 4.33 – Now That’s A Proper Update

Modders are the best. A dedicated community of modders can do things for a game that no developer, constrained by publishing/monetary concerns, can ever do –indefinitely support a game’s development. One of the most well-known modding communities out there revolves around Bethesda’s RPG releases, namely The Elder Scrolls series and the Fallout series. Anytime a […]

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Elite Dangerous – Upcoming Betas

The year may quickly be coming to a close, but Frontier Developments is still warping forward with Elite: Dangerous’ development. November is shaping up to be an exciting month for ED, as two new beta releases have been announced, with each bringing a substantial amount of content to the game.  Starting sometime next week, the […]

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DCS – MiGs VS. Sabers

Registration is now open for DCS’s first online tournament: MiGs versus Sabers! The registration period is open from now until November 12th. The actual event will take place from November 13th to the 22nd and will be followed by a similar event before the end of the year. Naturally, to take part in the contest, […]

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Arma 3 Defense Guide and a Case for Tutorials

Today, the guys and gals over at Bohemia Interactive released another Community Guide video, in cooperation with Dslyecxi (Andrew Gluck – leader of Shack Tactical). This newest episodes shifts gears a bit and delves into the gameplay behind mounting a solid tactical defense. In the video, Andrew Gluck examines the most essential planning considerations for […]

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Weekend Roundup – BF4, DayZ, and More

Order of Battle Morning Sun Needs Beta Testers After the successful release of their Battle of Britain update, The Aristocrats, makers of Order of Battle: Pacific, are once again returning to the pacific theatre in their next expansion. This time they’ll be taking on the Second Sino-Japanese War: “Players take control over the Japanese forces […]

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IL-2 Battle of Stalingrad – 1.104 Released

The long awaited 1.104 update has finally landed for IL-2 Sturmovik: BOS, and it was worth the wait. So, what has been added? Well, for starters, the summer and autumn season maps, coupled with the new campaign (which covers the early days of the battle through to the November winter that ensued) are both fantastic. […]

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You're budget PC probably won't look this cool... sorry...

Build A Gaming Rig For Less Than $650

The holiday season is fast approaching, and, as with every year, the high profile gaming releases are hot on its trail. If you’re primarily a PC gamer this season is always a little bittersweet. The gamer in you is thrilled at all the new games you’ll be able to play, but there is always the […]

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Command-Modern-Air-Navel-Operations-Northern-Inferno-Warfare Sims-Matrix-Games-WWIII-13

Command: Northern Inferno Expansion Released

Command: Modern Air/Naval Operations is getting its first standalone expansion, and it’s set in a surprising, but intriguing, background: World War III. However, it’s probably not what you’re envisioning. Most of the time when games toy around the WWIII scenario, it’s set at some point in the future with fancy new tech, but developer Warfare […]

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Star Citizen Alpha 2.0 – Persistent Universe

Since Wing Commander was released in 1990, it could be argued that Star Citizen has been in development for over 25 years. Chris Roberts, the creator of Wing Commander, has had a vision of the space game he’s wanted to create brewing in his mind for decades, and now, technology is finally at a point […]

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