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Other Visual Third Party Mods

There’s more to the immersion in a flight sim than aircraft and weapons. Mainscreens, briefing screens, hangar and loading screens, new medals to earn, all play a part in making a good flight sim great — SF does not lack in this department.

Swedish Mainscreen Briefing Screen
Swedish Mainscreen by FDHS. Iran-Iraq Briefing Screen by Kout.
Hangar screen Loading Screen
Douglas A-20G Hangar Screen by the SF’s Hangar Screen King, The Wrench! Douglas A-20G Loading Screen by the SF’s Loading Screen King, The Wrench! You can see The Wrench is king of two lands!
Medal screen
Charles has created complete medal sets
for many nations, this one is the Iran Crown Award.

Sound Mods

Sound mods abound for SF, and these include:

Soviet Speech Pack by Gramps.

Various music packs by Allenjb42.

MegaPack by Fubar512.

Soviet Sounds and World War Two Sounds by Howling1.

Engine Sounds by Vegasbob.

Non-Visual Mods

A flight sim should not be, as some are, just eye candy. A sim can look good, and play well, and I believe SF also gains high marks in this respect.

Some of these, as voted by the Community, include:

Uber AI Mod by Fubar – Keep you’re head on a swivel as this mod makes the AI enemy a real challenge!

Mission Editor by Kreelin – Create Single Missions in SF only limited by your imagination – well at least within the limits of SF.

Campaign Editor by Paul Lowengrin – You all know the same, and he’s made a Campaign Editor for SF, again only limited by imagination!

And the most popular, and one of the most important mods EVER for SF, the SFP1E File Extraction Utility by Skypat.

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