Wings Of Power P-47 and FW-190

The Jug

Lets start with the P-47 Thunderbolt. The Jug was one of the more prolific fighters of the war. Its reputation for reliability, and durability under fire endeared itself to those who flew her. It rapidly became known for it’s abilities as a ground attack aircraft and was used later in the war to good effect as a close air support aircraft and on interdiction missions. It was no slouch as a fighter either. Shockwave brings us just about every version of the Jug that Republic built. In this package you get both major versions of the P-47, the early “razorback” and the later “bubble top canopy” versions. Specifically you get the P-47D-22 the -25, -30, the P-47M and N, and also the unique experimental version with contra-rotating propellers, the XP-72. I really like flying this one, she really moves!

XP-72 XP-72

The XP-72

Typical to Shockwave, everything is modeled in superb detail. It’s the finest Jug I have seen for the sim. The interior and exterior modeling are superb. Specifically the cockpit is fantastic with the majority of the virtual cockpit being clickable and having excellent sound. Each model has it’s little nuances correctly rendered in loving detail. It’s a true pleasure to fly around in one of these. I constantly come back to my Shockwave stable mates for hours of enjoyment.

I have no complaints about this bird, the flight model is superb and the sounds add to the realism. I particularly like Shockwaves technique with the stall sounds. Just prior to entering the stall, you see and hear the airframe buffet. Most of their aircraft have this and it’s just an example of going that extra mile.

I have only one minor nitpick about the P-47 (and to some extent some of the other Shockwave offerings). The textures which are provided are very comprehensive and include many historically important ace aircraft. For the most part, they are highly accurate but lack one little thing. Dirt! Most of these aircraft were operated in harsh environments and rarely looked as pristine as the textures do in the sim. I guess it’s a personal preference thing and while it’s not really wrong, most of these aircraft appear too clean to me. Their are numerous repaints though and plenty of dirty versions exist for those who want that. I liken this to plastic aircraft modeling. There is constant debate about how much weathering one should apply to a model of the real thing. Some go for the “showroom” effect, and others like to show the real life appearance from regular use and wear in the field. In any event This is the only thing I might change in the future. Dirty’em up boys! You do have the talent for it.

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