My Brother, My Enemy Page 6

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I am worried about the possibility of Georgian interceptors in the area.

Although GCI has given us no such warning, I feel it is better safe than sorry. I initialize my N019 radar, slip into DVB Scan mode, and key into the GCI datalink. Instantly, I see the silhouettes of the Su-25s on my multifunction display, low and ahead of us, setting up for their run.

We’re minutes out already and I key the mike, no time to waste.

“Two, fence check.”

Vasily replies that all is well, and we make a final systems check. The Su-25s are already beginning their run.

“Let’s come in low, use terrain masking.” My SPO-15 radar warning device is ominously beeping, the signs of a ground search radar, the “Gundish” radar of a Shilka, I think. It is the proper frequency for such a radar.

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