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Landing gear. Look like wheels to me. Do you suppose they referred to wheels on the Sopwith Pup as landing gear?  Wheels up, wheels down. Too easy. Never has a wingman ever been confused when I announced they were missing a wheel after a nasty flak hit, even though they will sometimes correct me by asking, “which of my landing gear is missing?”

"All of this is quite vexing to me..."Which brings us to the tail of the plane. Now, then, this retains the original, if unimaginative, rudder. Of course they then messed it up by renaming the tail wings as elevators. Craziness, I say! When one thinks of elevators, the first thought is that which goes up first, then down. Naturally, the elevators on a plane primarily pull the tail down, with the lift on the underside, just to be difficult.

All of this is quite vexing to me, and as such I will not abide by it. Henceforth, we shall now refer to the parts of a plane as thus (starting from nose to tail):

Fan, motor, body, cockpit, wings, wing flaps (thingies), underspoilers, tail, tail wings, and rudder.

As a concession to the traditionalists, the thing that launches aircraft off of a carrier will be renamed to trebuchet.

No doubt their variometers will turn from a pleasant blue to an angry black.



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