Discussion Of Boom And Zoom Tactics

by Andy Bush



We’re proud to provide a new series for the virtual dogfighter in all of us.  SimHQ.com has asked each of the major online flight simulation companies to provide one of their own to join their peers and look at common air combat situations that players find themselves in.  We’ve asked our own resident fighter jocks, Andy Bush and Vince Putze, to give their tactical opinions as well.

Each community is given the same situation, as well as the same deadline, and edits are made for grammar only.

Lesson One (October 22/01):  Defending Against The Boom and Zoom

You are presented with the following situation:  a typical “angles” fighter, such as a Spitfire, is bounced by a typical “energy” fighter, such as the P-38.  The attacker has the altitude advantage and is using a boom and zoom attack on you.  What should you do?

View responses to the same ACM situation from representatives of the following sims by clickin on their names below:

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