From SimHQ Towers: Robert “Baron” Litchfield

Wasn’t the Site Once Owned By…?

SimHQ has had six owners since it was started in 1997. They are:

Frank “Crimson” Morissette, Founder (1997-1999)
Robert “Baron” Litchfield (1999-2000)
Dan “Crash” Crenshaw and Pete “Pygmy” Marone (2000-2001)
Bubba “Masterfung” Wolford (2001-2004)
Doug “guod” Atkinson (2005- )

During this week of SimHQ’s 10th Anniversary celebration we will hear commentary and reflections from most of them. Each owner of SimHQ has had a unique challenge (or challenges) to deal with. During this week you’ll learn some of those challenges for the first time, and maybe remind you of events long forgotten.… when “guod” asked me to write a small article to celebrate the 10th year anniversary of the web site, I was both honored and a little nervous. You see, SimHQ holds a special place to me as a site of extreme professionalism and intense expertise and I’m not sure anything I write would hold muster. While I still work in the internet industry, 10 years later, continues to be something I am very proud to have been a
part of.

Though you will rarely, if ever see me writing on the boards, I am still lurking out there.Though you will rarely, if ever see me writing on the boards, I am still lurking out there. I am always interested in seeing what the community is up to, and how it is battling against this world of “candy sims” and “all-in-one” consoles. I am still a fan of MS Flight Simulator, and enjoy spending many hours slowly flying through the virtual skies, relaxing after a hard day at the office. I love attempting to get as real as possible while still keeping my feet on the ground. My setup of goFlight and CH Products helps me achieve this virtual reality. grew out of the love and hard work of Frank Morissette, a very good friend of mine at the time. As I was more business oriented then he was, he asked me to get involved and help lead it to bigger and better things. Due to a few personal reasons at the time, my stay at did not last nearly as long as I had wanted. Because of this, I was not able to realize some of the good things that Frank and I had been planning. I am happy to see, that after 10 years, the dedication of both the leaders and the readers of are keeping this hard work alive.

I am proud of the few things we did accomplish while I was at the site, like The SimHQ Pledge to the Readers, and focusing, where possible, on having experienced pilots, and ex-military personnel writing the articles and stories from their perspective. The team I worked with and the readers I interacted with always surprised me with the extensive knowledge they brought to bear on all sim and military related topics.

I want to congratulate everyone that has been involved all these years for continuing the success, dedication and professionalism that is seen on a daily basis at Everyone should be extremely proud of themselves. A special thank you to “guod” for this invitation to participate, once again, with the finest simulation site on the web…

– “Baron”


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