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A Look Ahead to 2008

Looking back, it all seems so easy. Funny how just a few months passage of time.  can do that to you.

SimHQ’s 10th Anniversary. All the work and the preparation that went into making that happen. Gathering old friends together again. Oh, did we have fun? Yeah, we did.

Life is a series of journeys, to me. Whether it’s the walk down the street or the climb up Mt. Everest, a journey to be had and experienced, hopefully enjoyed.

We did that in honor of SimHQ’s 10th Anniversary, which is really a tribute to a journey. A journey that is not complete, hopefully will not be completed for many years to come.

In furtherance thereof, we had tribute articles from such site historians as Robert “Baron” Litchfeld, Pete “Pymgy” Marone, Eric “Archangel” Burns, “Spoons”, (who needs no other name), guod (likewise needs no other names), and yours truly.

It was a party! From Beach launching water balloons off the top of the ivory SimHQ Towers, to past threads resurrected to their former glory. What a W00T!

And so now, I look back. And I think to myself well done.

Well done mates! We celebrated like we should have, like champions. Some reverent, some irreverent, most in between. We had a contest, actually two contests. One with winners and one with no contestants. Strange dictochomy that. We pulled a lot of old threads from their cupboards, dusted them off and bumped them. I suspect many of our current members didn’t get the gist of what was so entertaining way back then. That’s OK.

For me, I look, I read, I remember. And it’s like old friends.

Did we have fun?


Articles from SimHQ’s 10th Anniversary Celebration


A tribute to SimHQ’s founder, Frank “Crimson” Morissette

What was it like in the beginning? Find out from Eric “Archangel” Berns

SimHQ’s 2nd owner, Robert “Baron” Litchfield reflects on the site

“What SimHQ Has Meant to Me” by Tom “20mm” Hayden

SimHQ’s 3rd owner, Pete “Pygmy” Marone comments on the site during his tenure

“SimHQ Memories: John and Andy’s Excellent Adventure” by John “Spoons” Sponauer

From SimHQ Towers: Confessions of a Sim Site Owner by “guod”

A Very Special SimHQ 10th Anniversary Contest… or a Very Merry UnBirthday to You!

John “Spoons” Sponauer provides his most memorable moments at SimHQ

Did Anyone Even Bother to Read the Fine Print?

Laced with satire and sim commentary, almost nobody caught the SimHQ Very Special 10th Anniversary Contest. Good thing they didn’t, too. One of the prizes was sleeping in the basement of SimHQ Towers along with “20mm” while he cleaned-up “the messes”. Trust us when we say this, we’re not sleeping anywhere near any staffers without a 12-gauge shotgun and an airlock.

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