Flashpoint Campaigns: Red Storm Released

Flashpoint-Campaigns-Red-Storm-007Matrix Games and On Target Simulations have released Flashpoint Campaigns: Red Storm.

The game is set after the end of World War II, Europe spent years recovering from the losses and the terrible consequences of the conflict. A whole continent found itself divided into two blocs: one lead by the United States with NATO among its allies in the Western bloc, and in the Eastern bloc lead by the Soviet Union along with the Warsaw Pact.  Separating the two, an “Iron Curtain” formed of high walls and minefields as well as hundreds of thousands of well armed troops.

The game features an  asynchronous turn structure that models the OODA loop,  maps, meticulously researched platforms and weapons, detailed orders of battle, realistic modeling of modern combat including armor, infantry, helicopters, airpower as well as chemical and nuclear weapons.  There are 3 campaigns and over 20 single scenarios along with realistic weather conditions.

The boxed edition is priced at $64.99 while the download edition (436MB) is $49.99.

Screen Shots:

Product Information:

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System Requirements:

  • CPU 1.4 GHz or faster (can use multi-core)
  • RAM: 1GB
  • Hard Drive Space: 0.5 GB
  • OS: Windows XP or better with DirectX 7 or higher
  • Min Resolution 1024 * 768, 64k colors
  • Video Card DirectX 7 compatible or greater
  • Sound Optional, DirectX 7 compatible
  • Internet Connection for Multiplayer PBEM++

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