IL-2 Series Update: v4.09…Plus

SimHQ recently discussed the latest status on the v4.09 update 
with Oleg Maddox and Team Daidalos’ Martin Kubani

by Doug “guod” Atkinson


guod: Thanks to both of you for taking the time to advise SimHQ readers of the latest regarding the v4.09 update. We’ll get started with the first question regarding the maps. We saw some beta maps, such as Slovakia — will there be updated versions and new ones included?

Oleg: The final 4.09 will include updated versions of MTO, Bessarabia and  Slovakia summer maps. Plus there will be a new winter Slovakia map that was not released before.

guod: Last of the new flyable aircraft: we were pretty surprised that the D.XXI wasn’t in the beta patch, as most of what we read by the official modeling community said it was pretty much done! Will we get one or more flyable planes?

Oleg: There were several other planes finished from the modeling point of view when the 4.09 beta was released including the Fokker D.XXI, CW-21, Avia B-534, Re.2000 and Letov S.328 for example. However, implementing, programming, and testing requires human resources on top of modeling and this is what my team could not dedicate to IL-2 anymore. That’s the reason why Team Daidalos contacted me and proposed their support in finishing the beta patch. I agreed. They understood why I could not shift his limited resources to IL-2 development anymore. Team Daidalos has already spent over 8 months of working + 2 months of testing on the following content we are planning to bring with 4.09 patch:

Maps (final versions):

  • Slovakia Summer
  • Slovakia Winter
  • Bessarabia
  • MTO

Slovakia Winter

View a 4 image screenshow of v4.09 maps
Download the zipped original images


  • Avia B-534-IV (flyable)
  • CW-21 (AI only) -> cockpit implementation currently ongoing for future add-on
  • Fokker D.XXI – 5 versions (Only SARJA 3 Early and Late flyable)
  • Fiat G.55  Series I (early and late – AI only)  -> cockpit already in works for future add-on
  • I-15bis (AI only) -> cockpit already in works for future add-on
  • I-16 Type 5 + Ski version (flyable)
  • I-16 Type 6 + Ski version (flyable)
  • Letov S-328 (AI only) -> cockpit under consideration for future add-on
  • Re.2000 (AI only)  -> cockpit already in works for future add-on
  • SM.79 (flyable)

View a 16 image screenshow of v4.09 planes
Download the zipped original images


  • MC.200 series 7 and series 7 FB flyable (new cockpit)
  • MC.200 series 3 (improved original cockpit)

View a 9 image screenshow of v4.09 plane cockpits
Download the zipped original images

Ground Objects:

  • MBV-2 and MBV-2 (flak version) trains have new models + all guns are functional

The MBV-2 train

The MBV-2 train
Download the zipped original image


  • Enhancement to the Quick Mission Builder
  • Some additional items that can’t be announced quite yet

Features of the new v4.09 update

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Beechcraft Baron 58 Cabin Door Hinges Upper / Lower
$375.0 Beechcraft Baron 58 Cabin Door Hinges  Upper / Lower picture
Beechcraft Bonanza Single Throwover Yoke
$300.0 Beechcraft Bonanza Single Throwover Yoke picture
Beechcraft Caliper 95-300001-6
$145.0 Beechcraft Caliper 95-300001-6 picture
Beechcraft Caliper 95-300001-5
$145.0 Beechcraft Caliper 95-300001-5 picture
102-910065-1 Clamp Beech
$1.0 102-910065-1 Clamp Beech picture

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