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The Horizontal Situation Display (HSD)The Horizontal Situation Display (HSD) is one of the most useful MFD pages for maintaining SA. It shows your planned route, waypoints, bulls-eyes, and direction. The large white arrow always points due north and when the crap really hits the fan in the Korean theater you will almost always be best advised to put that white arrow behind you and beat feet south-bound toward friendly airspace! In addition to showing you WHERE you are, the HSD also can show you WHO is around you. Your wingmen are depicted as blue symbols showing their data-linked position.

Additionally, enemy contacts targeted from within the flight (and maybe AWACS?) are sometimes depicted as yellow contacts. Here we see the cluster of blue at the bottom of the HSD is my flight. The co-centric rings are spaced 20 miles apart while in the 60 mile range setting. My flight-path and waypoints (actually called steer-points) are depicted, the initial point (IP) is the square and the strike location (the airfield) is the triangle.

While we cruise toward the target area, keeping tabs on things with AWACS, I watch other flights going about their business. South Korean F-5Below right is a South Korean F-5 takes to the skies on a strike mission of his own.

Getting the cockpit ready for the strike is best accomplished during the relatively quiet ingress. Punching up the air-to-ground mode (A2G) brings up the weapons page on the right MFD. Using the push-buttons lining the MFD I select the BLU-107 runway cratering bombs for my first pass. I configure the weapons to come off the racks one at a time with 900 feet of interval between impact points. (6 single, 900 feet, release pulses 6)

The weapons page

The booming voice of AWACS interrupts me as he volunteers enemy air activity bearing 360 for 50 miles, a single MiG-29. Looking at my Radar Warning Receiver (RWR) I see the carat and the 29 symbol denoting the threat. Roughly correlating it to my radar picture I can pretty much surmise that the MiG-29 is the farthest contact away on the radar screen just outside the 30 degree right tick mark on the radar.

Radar Warning Receiver (RWR)

We are now just outside of 40 miles to the target and things start heating up. I order my wingmen to fall into trail formation and keep my throttle at 100% but not in burner in an attempt to quickly reach the target.

Just outside of 40 miles to the target

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