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Hey listen, I don’t want to talk anyone into paying over 100 bucks for a PC sim, and that’s just what SB Pro PE is to most of us. BUT… if you can afford it, it is a highly recommended purchase from this gamer’s point of view. SB Pro PE is not just a fantastic tank sim, but it is a great PC game with a lot going for it. If you’re an armor fan, really good tank sims are too damn rare to let this one be passed over.

Here’s what I recommend. Take a look at all the games you plan on getting in next years timeframe. Cross three of those games off your list (because you were just going to be disappointed in them anyway ) and order yourself a copy of SB Pro PE. You will get your monies worth. I already have, and I haven’t even begun to reach the potential of this sim.

You’ll learn a lot about armor combat. You’ll learn a lot about armor tactics and strategies. You’ll get a map and mission editor. You’ll get tons of good single player action. The multiplayer following is already big and increasing every day.

Most of all you’ll get to blow some heavy stuff up.

System Specs

  • Dell XPS Gen 4
  • Pentium 4 – 3.7GHz
  • 2GB DDR Ram
  • Radeon 850 XT w/256 MB RAM
  • Audigy Sound Card
  • Windows XP Media Edition


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