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There’s a new add-on featuring the A10 Warthog that comes with the U.S. version. It also comes with a new single player mission for testing and playing the A10 (but it sure wasn’t easy learning to fly it!).

The Hog at it's best.

SimHQs Armed Assault Dedicated Server

You may not know that SimHQ has it’s own dedicated Armed Assault server. The server is being fitted right now with the brand new U.S. version. Look for it to return in the next day or two. You can find more details on connecting to the SimHQ server in the Armed Assault Forum here. You must be on our dedicated TeamSpeak server to join the game server. We do not use the Comms that come with Armed Assault.

Overall, Armed Assault continues to grow and improve and I don’t think there is any stopping it. For you ten or so U.S. customers that waited, don’t wait any longer! Get over to Atari and grab this game!

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