E3Expo 2009 Tuesday’s Report

Today was a good day. Magnum and Joe finally made it to their first E3Expo. GhostbustersAs the SimHQ team walked up to the convention center, a Ghostbusters car was parked out front, building-sized posters plastered on all available surfaces.

Once we got our badges we entered the building to see the Battlefield 1943 andNeed for Speed: Shift displays, which we’ll take a closer look at tomorrow.

As Magnum described it — a lot of lights, a lot of pictures, a lot of music, and a lot of colors. That pretty much sums it up. Another E3 is here, and today we learned a lot about many different things. However, one thing we did not learn about today is any air combat news. In the next two days we are definitely going to get a look at least two titles, so have no fear. Also, we saw a lot of hardware goodies to use with all of your sims. Let’s get on with the details.


Show Floor


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