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PSA: PC Aviator 4th of July Sale 50% Off All the Things

A quick public service announcement folks: is having a big 4th of July sale, offer 50% many items.  Items such as Airport Enhancer HDX, Rise of Flight: Channel Battles Edition and Mustang P-51D Little Friends are experiencing a pretty deep discount. Some items are only getting a 25% discount, but you can find discounts of up to 55% […]

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Steam Summer Sale

Steam Summer Sale June 19th – 30th

Adios wallet stuffed with cash — Hello tons of new games! The Steam summer sale has started and things are grim for my financial future. While Steam doesn’t have all the sims that you could want, it does have a large selection of titles worth checking out. Unfortunately, the newest simulator out there, SPINTIRES, has not […]

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Rainbow Six Siege to Release in 2015

A younger version of myself was obsessed with all things Rainbow 6. I was there when Wolfenstein, Doom, Blood, Quake, Hexen and every other “Unique FPS” showed up. I enjoyed them about as much as I could, but they never held my attention for long. Rainbow Six launched and all I knew of it was the fact that it […]

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Close Combat: Gateway to Caen Launches Today

Close Combat: Gateway to Caen from Matrix games is launching today and you can jump in without having to go through a backlog of older titles. This was the first game in the Commandos or Company of Heroes style of game that really captured my imagination. While I am excited to get in and give the game a shot, there […]

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Rise of Nations Launching on Steam

Long Winded Introduction Hello dear readers! I am a new writer here at SimHQ and you are likely expecting a very simple, journalistic article as my first foray into writing on this site. Sadly, that is not what you are about to get. You are about to get a sales pitch, (an informative and honest […]

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