Weekend Update – Bonus Events

Obsidian-Entertainment-Armored-Warfare-Second-Round-Early-Access-Testing-June-24-2015Refuel your tanks and batten down the hatches, World of Warships and Armored Warfare are both having events this weekend – hopefully you don’t have to pick and choose which one to attend.

Armored Warfare

Starting Saturday the 29th until Monday the 31st, all players can jump in and earn two times the reputation and credits from each battle. All progress you make during this event will carry over into Early Access 5, as there will be no progression reset in between testing phases. The events starts Saturday at 15:01 PDT and lasts until Monday, 23:00 PDT.

Armored-Warfare-Obsidian-Weekend-BonusEven after the event ends, Early Access Phase 4 is still going on and will be available for the rest of the week to continue to build up your rewards.

Public Test Server is a special server running the newest version of the game. Its goal is to provide the players with the option to test the newest game build, although such builds often have more issues and bugs than the live server. It is now available for every player with Early Access without any restrictions. The main features of Public Test Server (compared to the Early Access server) are:

  • The progression is significantly faster in order for players to unlock the vehicles for testing
  • Tier 1-4 vehicles are awarded for free to every player
  • The server runs the latest version that can however contain more bugs than the live Early Access version
  • It is active only during certain hours (currently 8PM – 8AM CEST, 11AM-11PM PDT)

To join Public Test Server, please follow these easy steps:

  • Open the My.com launcher (available in the download section)
  • On the upper bar, select “Game Directory”
  • From the My.com games menu, select “Armored Warfare Public Test Server”
  • Download the PTS client (unfortunately a necessary step due to the fact the Early Access and the PTS servers are not running the same version of the game)

World of Warships

World-of-Warships-Wargaming-Update-0.4.1-Ranked-Battles-1For your first win with each ship this weekend, you’ll get two times the XP bonus which you can use for new ships. If you need a bit more boost to go with your boost, then you can pick up a Weekend Captain’s Pass in the Premium Shop. The pass gives you 1,500 Doubloons and three days of premium time – which includes 50% extra credits and XP earned for EACH battle. The pass will run you $9.99 USD, if you’re in the market.

Starts: Friday, August 28, 04:20 PT / 07:20 ET

Ends: Monday, August 31, 04:20 PT / 07:20 ET

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Lycoming Helicopter Engine picture

Lycoming Helicopter Engine





Beechcraft - Engine Gauge (CORE) picture

Beechcraft - Engine Gauge (CORE)


Beechcraft - Engine Gage (CORE) picture

Beechcraft - Engine Gage (CORE)


ROTAX 447 ENGINE picture



Fairchild Engine Division Jet Turbine J44 Turbojet Engine on Running Stand picture

Fairchild Engine Division Jet Turbine J44 Turbojet Engine on Running Stand


US820 ultralight aircraft engine picture

US820 ultralight aircraft engine


rotax 582 engine picture

rotax 582 engine


Cessna 172A engine parts used picture

Cessna 172A engine parts used


Beechcraft - Engine Gage (CORE) picture

Beechcraft - Engine Gage (CORE)


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