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guod: Can’t wait to play the Career Mode! The next big question — what about the two-seaters and bombers? And when?

Jason: They are definitely being worked on and should be ready in November as well. These were difficult to build and we had to code all of the new features to support them like the multi-engines, gunner / bombardier positions, and control mechanisms of the guns. Plus make all of this possible for Multiplayer and Career Mode. No simple task.

Albert: In order to create a multi-crew and multi-engine aircraft with the quality of modeling adopted in ROF, we need to create some completely new systems. Flight on this aircraft is something quite different from piloting a single scout. Together with you in flight are the gunners, bombardier and other members of the crew. You can take their place in flight, to repel the attack of the enemy by machine gun or aiming to drop the bombs. In network mode, the game can replace electronic crew members with other players. I think, by the time the aircraft are released you will be able to use them in their careers. In addition to air combat, the job may be the intelligence or adjustment of artillery fire, and of course the bombing of enemy positions.

guod: What bombers and two-seaters will be flyable?

Jason: Well this has been an open secret for a while, but Gotha G.V. and the Handley-Page 0/400 first then the Breguet 14 and D.F.W.CV. After that we do not know which bombers or recon birds we will build.

Albert: I have nothing to add to the words of Jason. We have chosen the most significant planes in the first place. But in the history of the Great War, there is still a lot of interesting aircraft, virtual models of which I would like to see.

guod: How much will they cost in your store?

Jason: We have not determined the final price yet. They of course will be free as A.I. planes.

Albert: This question is not for me. My main task is to create them, making it the highest quality and not make you wait too long. I think our models are worth the price that we ask for them. The more planes you purchase, the more opportunities to create new you give to us.

The Handley-Page from Rise of Flight
The Handley-Page from Rise of Flight
The Handley-Page from Rise of Flight
The Handley-Page from Rise of Flight

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