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Magnum: Are smoke dischargers modeled?

Nikita: Yes, smoke dischargers are modeled and work in accordance with the engine and its speed. There is more black smoke when the engine starts, on lower gear with high engine speed.

Magnum: What about smoke and dust persistence when firing guns as a way of spotting enemy locations?

Nikita: Smoke and dust persistence is a proper way of spotting enemy locations as well as engine sound if the player’s tank engine is stopped. A player cannot order artillery.

Magnum: Is it possible to order artillery smoke?

Nikita: Artillery has its orders and all their actions are aimed at the main forces support and they act in accordance with the situation.

Magnum: Will there be mine fields?

Nikita: It is a question under discussion — there are no technical problem but there are some doubts whether it is so necessary for game play.

Magnum: Will the buildings be destroyable?

Nikita: Buildings are completely destroyable — they can be rammed or destroyed by the shot.

Magnum: Will there be bunkers or trenches?

Nikita: Ground bunkers can be also crushed by the tank.

Magnum: What about rivers? Will there be bridges? Will a tank’s mass be taken into account? Will it be possible to cross streams?

Nikita: On the map there are rivers, forests, folds in the terrain. Of course if there are rivers there are bridges over them. So, if a player needs to cross a stream in the mission he can do it by moving along the bridge, but it is no problem to cross streams without any bridges, of course a stream should be no deeper than the turret level.

Crossing streams.



Magnum: What about communications with other tanks in the unit and other units in general (e.g. HQ)? Will they report spotting of enemy units, etc.? Will the player be the commander of the unit and if so, what options does he have (formation, engagement options, unit splitting, etc.)?

Nikita: A player cannot be a group commander but we apply the system of external radio messages to enable data exchange in a group.

Magnum: Will there be some crew pool from which you select your crew members? Will they advance in rank and improve over time (like in Panzer Elite)?

Nikita: We do not use any RPG elements in “WWII Battle Tanks: T-34 vs. Tiger”, so the skills of AI crew members are enough to fight even in the large battle in a proper way.

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