SimHQ ArmA1 and ArmA2 Mission Packs

SimHQ announces the release of two custom mission packs for the Armed Assault Series

by Chuck “Magnum” Ankenbauer


Armed Assault

SimHQ is proud to announce the bundle and release of every single ArmA player mission ever made for our SimHQ server. That’s one hundred fifty missions! Included in a separate folder is the five required HD unit add-ons for about one-quarter of those missions. Download the zipped package here. File size is 3.8MB.

And just to remind us of where we’ve been, a video from one of our squad-sized ArmA1 missions:

Thanks for the great memories SimHQ Armed Assault players!

ArmA (image by Brennus)

ArmA2 Military Monday

Armed Assault 2

SimHQ is also proud to announce the release of their first pack of missions for Armed Assault 2. Included in this zip file are more than 30 missions, based on the small unit co-op mission layout, broken down into fireteam controls. No add-ons are required for this first mission pack. Download it here. File size is 635 kb.

To give you a taste of what kind of virtual military action you’ll get in the mission pack, here is one of our mission videos:

Thanks to all the SimHQ ArmA2 players! We can all look forward to some really great virtual combat action with Armed Assault 2.

A Special Thanks to the Mission Design Team

These missions take hours and hours to create, develop, and test before they are made available for us to have our fun with them. Without the diligence and interest of a few people on the team, we wouldn’t have all this fine work! A big thanks to “Wepps”, our Mission Design Team Leader; to “Adlabs6”, our SimHQ Game Server Admin and Mission Designer; and to Mission Designers “December”, “Biff99”, and “Fatty”. Read the team interview here.

If you’d like to join us for “Military Monday” and/or “Tactical Thursday”, read the details here.

Tactics and Teamwork!


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