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Kerbal Space Program – Launching April 27

Developer Squad has announced that Kerbal Space Program (KSP) will be leaving beta and launching version 1.0 in just under a week. The popular space sim/sandbox, Kerbal Space Program (KSP), has been in public development since 2011, and after a successful release on Steam’s early access program, which helped to create a legion of fans, […]

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Week in Review and the Battlefront Reveal

A number of new hardware announcements went out this week, everything from ASUS’ “Console-inspired Gaming PC” to Sony’s 2 TB Thunderbolt Hard Drives. While NVIDIA, on the software front, released its latest “Game Ready” GeForce 350.12 WHQL drivers that promise a ton of optimizations for the recently released PC version of Grand Theft Auto V. […]

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Order of Battle: Pacific – Coming April 30th to PC

Slitherine Group, the popular tabletop and video game creators, known for their wargames, have announced today that Order of Battle: Pacific will be coming to PC and Steam on April 30th, 2015. Set during the always popular, and always dramatic, World War II era, Order of Battle: Pacific “features playable campaigns for both the US-led Allies and […]

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ArmA 3 DLC – Marksmen Developer Diaries pt. 2

Bohemia Interactive has released the second part of their Developer Diaries which aims to give a bit more background information on their Marksmen DLC for ArmA3. Check out our look at the first diary right here. The newest diary takes a look at the new showcase scenarios, training courses, firing drills, virtual garage, the new End […]

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All new campsites marked on the map (/u/ViqsFromMars)

DayZ update 0.55 – What’s confirmed

Thanks to some industrious DayZ community members, we now have a better look at what update 0.55 will be bringing to the table. Early today, Brian Hicks tweeted: Quarterly Status Report will go live with 0.55 Stable, just a matter of grinding out the rough spots. — Brian Hicks (@Hicks_206 So, you can also expect […]

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So, I’m going to start today with a very brief story: When I was 20 years old, I broke my computer desk. It was just an old, crappy IKEA desk that wasn’t prepared for me to trip, fall, and roll into one of its legs.  Luckily, no electronics were harmed in my ridiculous accident. At […]

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ArmA 3 DLC – Marksmen Developer Diaries

Yesterday, Bohemia Interactive released the first of a two-part developer diary detailing more information on their upcoming Marksmen DLC for ArmA 3. In this first episode, Jay Crowe (Creative Director), Joris-Jan van ‘t Land (Project Lead), and Petr Kolar (Encoding Lead) explored the DLC’s new weapons and platform features with regard to their development and […]

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Nvidia’s Behemoth: Titan X

Well, the Titan X is finally here, and I hope you’ve got a Band-Aid for your wallet because it’s about to take a hit. Nvidia’s beastly new GPU is retailing at $999 USD / £879 in the UK, but is it really the “most advanced graphics card on the planet?” In short: pretty much. As […]

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ArmA 3 – Marksmen DLC

Bohemia Interactive’s ever popular ArmA series is poised to expand its current incarnation, ArmA 3, with the upcoming Marksmen DLC, hopefully sometime this April. Anyone who has played the games knows that Bohemia puts a lot of care and attention into their projects with constant “free” updates. I say free in quotes because although the […]

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Naval Action: Guides To Get You Started

If you’ve visited the SimHQ forums in the past few months, particularly the Naval Simulations board, you’ll probably have noticed a lengthy discussion about Naval Action, an Age of Sail game in development by Game Labs. The game is still in its Alpha/Early Beta phase but has been very steadily garnering a dedicated following. Given […]

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Penny Arcade Expo East 2015

From San Francisco to Boston, the past week in gaming has celebrated two popular expos: the Game Developers Conference and the Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) East. PAX was founded by the guys over at Penny Arcade in 2004 who wanted to host a show exclusively for gaming. After the massive successes of the original, Seattle […]

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