ArmA 3 DLC – Marksmen Developer Diaries

<Diffuse name="Diffuse" export="True" abbreviation="d" extension="TGA" resolution="1" sharpen="True" grayscale="False" bitmode="8" as="FalsYesterday, Bohemia Interactive released the first of a two-part developer diary detailing more information on their upcoming Marksmen DLC for ArmA 3. In this first episode, Jay Crowe (Creative Director), Joris-Jan van ‘t Land (Project Lead), and Petr Kolar (Encoding Lead) explored the DLC’s new weapons and platform features with regard to their development and the contributions they make to ArmA 3 as a whole. Check out part one, here.

Marksmen, which you can learn more about here at SimHQ, will be bringing in a new multiplayer mode, seven new weapons, two scopes, firing drills, ghillie suits, and a remote designator. While the DLC content will be around the $20 mark, there will also be a substantial free platform update that introduces weapon deployment / resting, better recoil, improved AI suppression, new (and better!) sounds, the new multiplayer mode and showcase scenarios, a Virtual Garage, new face paints, grenadier and heavy vests, and suppressor and bipod weapon attachments!

In the final episode of the two-part developer diary members of the development team plan to talk about the new “End Game” multiplayer mode, Virtual Garage, training courses, showcase scenarios, and firing drills.

Check back in the coming days! ArmA 3 – Marksmen will be available on April 8th, 2015!

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