ARMA 3 Event – SimHQ Multiplayer Holiday Special

full-2739-113751-shq_arma3_xmasbannerThe Holidays are for reconnecting with old friends… and then shooting them! Okay, taken out of context that sounds absolutely horrible, but if you’re wanting to join in the ARMA community here at SimHQ for some holiday gaming, you’re more than welcome.

All Sunday and Monday Arma 3 multiplayer sessions, running now until January 5th, will be disabling the SimHQ V4 addon set and TFAR. Remember, “disabling” is not the same as deleting, so don’t delete your SimHQ V4 addon, just disable it and all will be well.

This event will feature new missions each week, using the stock Arma 3 content (some DLC included).

Check out the details, right here.

Come join us this Holiday season and have some fun!

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