World of Warships – Russian Cruisers Announced

world-of-warships-wargaming-lesta-studio-logoWargaming and Lesta Studio have continued churning out new updates and content for their popular World of Warships title since its release last September. Today, mini update was released and brought with it a couple new camouflages, some visual updates, and, most importantly, a look at the new Russian cruisers.

The type five and type six camouflages are identical, save for the fact that type six also gives 100% XP per battle. The special camos now also give a bonus to concealment, as well as debuffs to enemy accuracy, while the perma-camos give discounted repair costs.

Naturally, this update brings with it a handful of fixes and tweaks, but you’ll probably notice some of the cosmetic changes pretty quickly. About nine of the currently available ships have had some visual upgrades applied, ranging from slightly altered hull configurations to turret overhauls.

Updates and tweaks are all well and good, but what we’re all really looking forward to is the release of the nine new Soviet Cruisers to come with update 0.5.4.


In short, get ready for a barrage of high explosive shells and fires blazing everywhere once these cruisers take to the battlefield.

Tier 1 – Orlan

  • A patrol ship with very powerful artillery. Orlan was intended to operate in island waters. She boasted a very high level of maneuverability owing to her small dimensions and decent speed.

Tier 2 – Novik

  • The pioneer scout cruiser ship, Novik carried rapid-fire guns but was weak in terms of armor. During her years of service, she was among the fastest cruisers in the world.

Tier 3 – Bogatyr

  • Bogatyr was one of the most well-balanced armored cruisers in the Russian navy. In WWI, she was re-armed with smaller-caliber guns with longer range.

Tier 4 – Svetlana

  • The first light cruiser with turbine propulsion, Svetlana was noted for her speed and long-range artillery.

Tier 5 – Kirov

  • Kirov was one of the first warships both designed and built in the USSR. She has great speed and excellent guns.

Tier 6 – Budyonny

  • Built under Project 94, Budyonny boasts more armor than Kirov, but smaller, faster-firing guns.

Tier 7 – Schors

  • Schors was built as a light escort cruiser under Project 38. She uses her high speed and powerful artillery to pester the enemy.

Tier 8 – Chapaev

  • Built under Project 68, Chapaev has a great armor rating and considerable AA loadout.

Tier 9 – Dmitry Donskoy

  • With her better speed and firepower, Donskoy can be thought of as an upgraded version of her predecessor.

Tier 10 – Moskva

  • Moskva was built to combat other cruisers. She possesses fantastic armor and powerful long-range (if slow-firing) guns.


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