Logitech G27 Racing Controller Review

A SimHQ exclusive on the just-announced product

by Chunx

G27 Packaging


LogitechDarwin theorized that the process of evolution would cause a species to refine itself over time, with stronger, more effective traits advancing while weaker or ineffective traits were killed off. That theory also holds true in the computer gaming industry — so long as you accept that with every three advanced traits there is bound to be a misstep — or even a step backwards. Although the wheel’s existence was accidentally leaked on two earlier occasions, today Logitech officially unveiled their contribution to Darwin’s theory: the new G27 Racing Controller, an evolved version of the outstanding G25 released in 2006. Back then, the G25 was Logitech’s greatest gift to the racing simulation community, providing solid build quality, an array of new features and durable metal components wrapped in an appealing, steel-and-leather aesthetic that made it the class of the field.

As good as it was, the G25 wasn’t perfect. Reviewers and consumers noted several areas that were ripe for improvement. And Logitech’s engineers listened. In time, plans were set in motion to produce a refined version of the G25, one that addressed the critical comments of the sim racing community. The G27 is replacing the G25 in Logitech’s racing controller lineup; with the G27 hitting store shelves in late September (Europe will follow, likely in October). Recently SimHQ got its hands on a G27, and we’ve given it a thorough test-drive, allowing us to share our assessment of this new product with you.

The Logitech G25 and G27 Racing Controllers

The Logitech G25 and G27 Racing Controllers

Since the G27 refines and builds on the solid features of the G25, our review will focus on the differences between the two products — differences that both enhance, and potentially detract, from your sim racing experience. If you’re not familiar with the G25, please check out SimHQ’s in-depth, review series here. Now, let’s tear into Logitech’s newest offering with a look at the G27’s new features.

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