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And, since it really addresses most of the weapons that the AI in the Third Wire series are truly capable of using, I chose the Mirage Factory Weapons Pack for that reason and for the simple fact that it simply looks much better than the models provided in the stock weapons pack or even Bunyap’s.

However, one thing that it doesn’t do very well is provide guided weapons for the player. For that, you’ll need the Bunyap’s pack. The one I use currently is a mixture of the two.

SimHQ Feature: A Modder's Diary - Episode II: The Planeset

I wanted the complete set of Soviet weapons to be available to the Ukrainians (or anyone else) because of the reality of the situation, Russian arms sales being what they are, so literally every Soviet weapon had a copy made of it made able to be carried by aircraft that would be fighting side by side with Western powers.

Granted, you try to use it on anything else, you will curse my progeny. It’s really custom-fit for my purposes.

You Are Taking Way Too Long With This…

OK, my terrain is complete. I have a planeset.

My friend and mentor, Dave Slavens, got on my butt the other day for taking too long with this.

You want this done fast or do you want it done right?

It probably won’t be either one.

Either way, the community has really, really helped me out. Let’s just hope this doesn’t disappoint.


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